KA3511DS – Intelligent Voltage Mode PWM IC

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Part number : KA3511DS

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Intelligent Voltage Mode PWM IC.

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Manufacturer : Fairchild Semiconductor

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KA3511DS Datasheet PDF

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www.fairchildsemi.com KA3511DS Intelligent Voltage Mode PWM IC


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Complete PWM control and house keeping circuitry Few external components Precision voltage reference trimmed to 2% Dual output for push-pull operation Each output TR for 200mA sink current Variable duty cycle by dead time control Soft start capability by using dead time control Double pulse suppression logic Over voltage protection for 3.3V / 5V / 12V Under voltage protection for 3.3V / 5V / 12V One more external input for various protection (PT) Remote on/off control function (PS-ON) Latch function controlled by remote and protection input Power good signal generator with hysteresis


The KA3511DS is a fixed frequency improved performance pulse width modulation control circuit with complete housekeeping circuitry for use in the secondary side of SMPS (Switched mode power supply). It contains various functions, which are precision voltage reference, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, remote on/off control, power good signal generator and etc. OVP (Over voltage protection) section It has OVP functions for +3.3V,+5V,+12V and PT outputs. The circuit is made up of a comparator with four detecting inputs and without hysteresis voltage. Especially, PT (Pin18) is prepared for an extra OVP input or another protection signal. UVP (Under voltage protection) section Precision reference section The reference voltage trimmed to ± 2% (4.9V ≤ Vref ≤ 5.1V) It also has UVP functions for +3.3V, +5V, +12V outputs. The block is made up of a comparator with three detecting inputs DataSheet and without hysteresis voltage. DataShee PG (Power good signal generator) section Power good signal generator is to monitor the voltage level of power supply for safe operation of a microprocessor. KA3511DS requires few external components to accomplish a complete housekeeping circuits for SMPS. Remote on/off s [ … ]

KA3511DS PDF File

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