K3683 – 2SK3683

Part number : K3683

Functions : 2SK3683, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : Fuji Electric

Image :

K3683 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

PRELIM INARY 2SK3683-01MR (500V/0.38Ω/19A) 1) Package Items Drain-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current Pulsed Drain Current Gate-Source Voltage Repetitive and Non-Repetitive Maximum Avalanche Current Non-Repetitive Maximum Avalanche Energy Maximum Drain-Source dV/dt Peak Diode recovery dV/dt Maximum Power Dissipation Operating and Storage Temperature range This material and the information herein is the property of Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd. They shall be neither reproduced, copied, lent, or disclosed in any way whatsoever for the use of any third party nor used for the manufacturing purposes without the express written consent of Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd. TO-220F15R 2) Absolute Maximum Ratings (Tc=25• Ž • @ V DS ID ID(pulse) V GS IAR E AS dV DS/dt dV/dt P D•@•—‚s PD Tch Tstg c=25•Ž unless otherwise specified) Symbols Ratings 500 ±19 ±76 ±30 19 245.3 20 5 95 2.16 150 -55 •` +150 Units V A A V A mJ kV/us kV/us W W *1 *2 @Ta=25•Ž 3)Electrical Characteristics (Tch=25•Ž Items Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold Voltage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate-Source Leakage Current Drain-Source On-State Resistance Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Total Gate Charge Gate to Source Charge Gate to Drain (Miller) Charge Avalanche Capability Diode Forward On-Voltage BV DSS V GS(th) IDSS IGSS unless otherwise specified) Test Conditions ID =250uA ID =250uA V DS=500V V GS=0V V GS=±30V ID =9.5A V DS=25V V GS=0V f=1MHz Vcc=250V ID =19A V GS=10V L=1.25mH Tch=25 IF =19A,VGS=0V,Tch=25•Ž V GS=0V V DS=V GS Tch=25 Tch=125 V DS=0V VGS=10V min. 500 3.0 -19 –typ. -1580 240 12 32 16 12 –1.0 max. –5.0 25 ƒÊ ƒÊ ƒÊ ƒ¶ 250 100 0.38 2370 360 18 48 24 18 –1.5 A V pF Units V V A A A Symbols RDS(on) Ciss Coss Crss Qg Qgs Qgd IAV V SD nC 4) Thermal Characteristics Items Channel to Case Channel to Ambient *1 L=1.25mH,Vcc=50V Symbols Rth(ch-c) Rth(ch-a) Test Con [ … ]

K3683 PDF File

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