IRFU9014 – Power MOSFET

IRFU9014 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : IRFU9014

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Power MOSFET.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Vishay Siliconix

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IRFU9014 Datasheet PDF

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IRFR9014, IRFU9014, SiHFR9014, SiHFU9014 Vishay Siliconix Power MOSFET PRODUCT SUMMARY VDS (V) RDS(on) () – 60 VGS = – 10 V Qg (Max.) (nC) 12 Qgs (nC) Qgd (nC) 3.8 5.1 Configuration Single 0.50 S DPAK (TO-252) D IPAK (TO-251) D G GS GD S D P-Channel MOSFET FEATURES • Dynamic dV/dt Rating • Repetitive Avalanche Rated • Surface Mount (IRFR9014, SiHFR9014) • Straight Lead (IRFU9014, SiHFU9014) • Available in Tape and Reel • P-Channel • Fast Switching • Material categorization: For definitions of compliance please see DESCRIPTION Third generation power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness. The DPAK is designed for surface mounting using vapor phase, infrared, or wave soldering techniques. The straight lead version (IRFU, SiHFU series) is for through-hole mounting applications. Power dissipation levels up to 1.5 W are possible in typical surface mount applications. ORDERING INFORMATION Package Lead (Pb)-free and Halogen-free Lead (Pb)-free DPAK (TO-252) SiHFR9014-GE3 IRFR9014PbF SiHFR9014-E3 Note a. See device orientation. DPAK (TO-252) SiHFR9014TRL-GE3a IRFR9014TRLPbFa SiHFR9014TL-E3a DPAK (TO-252) SiHFR9014TR-GE3a IRFR9014TRPbFa SiHFR9014T-E3a IPAK (TO-251) SiHFU9014-GE3 IRFU9014PbF SiHFU9014-E3 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = 25 °C, unless otherwise noted) PARAMETER SYMBOL Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current Pulsed Drain Currenta VGS at 5.0 V TC = 25 °C TC = 100 °C Linear Derating Factor Linear Derating Factor (PCB Mount)e Single Pulse Avalanche Energyb Repetitive Avalanche Currenta Repetitive Avalanche Energya Maximum Power Dissipation Maximum Power Dissipation (PCB Mount)e Peak Diode Recovery dV/dtc TC = 25 °C TA = 25 °C Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range Soldering Recommendations (Peak Temperature)d for 1 [ … ]

IRFU9014 PDF File

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