HS1010E – N channel 60V MOSFET

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Part number : HS1010E

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, N channel 60V MOSFET.

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Manufacturer : Chengqi Semiconductor

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HS1010E Datasheet PDF

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HS1010E N channel 60V MOSFET 1.


The HS1010E is the N-Channel logic enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using high cell density, DMOS trench technology.This high density process is especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance. 2. Feature ● RDS(ON)≦9mΩ@VGS=10V ● Super high density cell design for extremely low RDS(ON) ● Exceptional on-resistance and maximum DC current capability VDS RDS(on) ID 60 9 85 V mΩ A 3. Pin configuration Order Number HS1010E Package TO-220 TO-220 Coperight@ Guangzhou Chengqi Semiconductor Co.,LTD.All rights reserved. Oct,2012-Ver1.0 www.homsemi.com 1/5 Free Datasheet http://www.0PDF.com HS1010E N channel 60V MOSFET 4. Absolute maximum ratings (T C=25℃ Unless Otherwise Noted) Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Tc=25℃ Continuous Drain Current TC=70℃ Pulsed Drain Current TC=25℃ Power Dissipation TC=70℃ Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range TJ, Tstg PD 140 -55 to 175 ℃ IDM ID 71 350 200 W A A Symbol VDSS VGSS Limit 60 ± 20 85 Unit V V A 5. Thermal characteristics Parameter Thermal resistance, case-to-sink typ. Thermal resistance junction to case. Thermal resistance junction to ambient. Symbol RthCS RthJC RthJA Ratings 0.5 0.75 62 Units ° C/W ° C/W ° C/W Coperight@ Guangzhou Chengqi Semiconductor Co.,LTD.All rights reserved. www.homsemi.com Oct,2012-Ver1.0 2/5 Free Datasheet http://www.0PDF.com HS1010E N channel 60V MOSFET 6. Electrical characteristics (T A =25℃ Unless Otherwise Specified) Symbol Parameter STATIC BVDSS VGS(th) IGSS IDSS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold Voltage Gate-Body Leakage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current VGS=0V, ID=250μA VDS=VGS, ID=250μA VDS=0V, VGS=± 20V VDS=60V, VGS=0V VGS=10V, ID=40A IS=40A, VGS=0V 60 2 9 0.8 -4 ± 100 1 12 1.2 V V nA μA mΩ V Limit Min Typ Max Unit RDS(ON) Drain-Source On-Resistance VSD Diode Forward Voltage DYNAMIC Qg Qg Qgs Qgd Rg Ciss Coss Crss td(on) tr t [ … ]

HS1010E PDF File

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