HD64F3337 – Hitachi Single Chip Microcomputer

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Part number : HD64F3337

Functions : Single Chip Microcomputer.

Package information : QFP 80 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Renesas Technology, Hitachi

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HD64F3337 microcomputer


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The H8/300 CPU is a high-speed processor with an architecture featuring powerful bit manipulation instructions, ideally suited for realtime control applications. The on-chip supporting modules implement peripheral functions needed in system configurations. These include ROM, RAM, four types of timers (a 16-bit free-running timer, 8-bit timers, PWM timers, and a watchdog timer), a serial communication interface (SCI), an I2 C bus interface (option), a host interface (HIF), an A/D converter, a D/A converter, and I/O ports. The H8/3397 Series is a subset of the H8/3337 Series and does not include an I2 C bus interface, host interface, and D/A converter. [ … ]

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