HA17805V – 3-terminal Fixed Voltage Regulators

HA17805V Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : HA17805V

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 3-terminal Fixed Voltage Regulators.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor

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HA17805V Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

HA17800V/VP/VPJ Series 3-terminal Fixed Voltage Regulators


HA17800V series is positive output 1 A three-terminal regulator IC. Which features are as follows. It is designed to suit to the power supply of various equipments and to stabilize the multi switching regulator voltage, and to supply power to some kind of control devices.


• High ripple rejection ratio up to high frequency (f 20 kHz): 60 dB(in the case of HA17805V/VP/VPJ) • Protected against oscillation • Regulated output voltage against temperature (0 Ta 125°C, 80 ppm/°C typ) • Hard to breakdown against irrelevant connection • Built–in circuits as over current control circuit, temperature protection circuit, and area of safety operation control circuit Ordering Information Output Voltage (V) 5 6 7 8 12 15 18 24 Automotive Use HA17805VPJ HA17806VPJ HA17807VPJ HA17808VPJ HA17812VPJ HA17815VPJ HA17818VPJ HA17824VPJ Industrial Use HA17805VP HA17806VP HA17807VP HA17808VP HA17812VP HA17815VP HA17818VP HA17824VP Commercial Use HA17805V HA17806V HA17807V HA17808V HA17812V HA17815V HA17818V HA17824V Package TO – 220AB HA17800V/VP/VPJ Series Pin Arrangement 4 Mark 1. Input 2. Common 3. Output 4. Common 1 2 3 (Top View) Block Diagram ASO Control INPUT Starting Circuit Reference Voltage OUTPUT + – Over Current Control Error Amp COMMON Temperature Protection Standerd Circuit Input Cin 0.33 µF HA178xxV Output Cout 0.1 µ F 2 HA17800V/VP/VPJ Series Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Ratings Item Input voltage Power dissipation Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Operating junction temperature Notes: 1. HA17824V/VP/VPJ, 40 V 2. Follow derating curve Symbol VIN PT Topr Tstg Tj HA17800V/VP 35 15 –20 to +75 –55 to +125 –20 to +125 HA17800VPJ 35 15 –40 to +85 –50 to +125 –40 to +125 Unit V W °C °C °C Notes 1 2 Max Power Dissipation PTmax (W) 15 (1) HA17800V/VP HA17800VPJ 10 (2) (1) With infinitely large heat sink additional (2) 5°C/W he [ … ]

HA17805V PDF File

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