HA17082 – J-FET Input Operational Amplifiers

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Part number : HA17082

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, J-FET Input Operational Amplifiers.

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Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor

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HA17082 Datasheet PDF

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HA17080 Series J-FET Input Operational Amplifiers


Since J-FET input operational amplifiers are formed from a pair of J-FET transistors, they provide superlative characteristics, including a high input impedance and a low input bias current. Thus they can be used in a wide range of applications, from general-purpose control equipment to medical applications. In particular, they are optimal for processing signals from high-impedance sensors. Hitachi J-FET input operational amplifiers are available in single, dual, and quad versions. Other than the HA17080, all products are internal phase compensation types and include a built-in phase compensation capacitor. The HA17080 and the HA17083 allow offset adjustment. These products are also available in “A” grade versions with superlative electrical characteristics to allow the selection of an operational amplifier appropriate for the application.


• • • • • • • • • Wide operating power supply voltage range: ±5 V to ±18 V Low input bias current: 30 pA Low input offset current: 5 pA High input impedance: 1012 Ω High slew rate: 13 V/µs Wide common mode input voltage range with operation possible near the power-supply voltage (VCC). High voltage gain: 106 dB The HA17080 and HA17083 support offset adjustment. Pin compatible with the Texas Instruments TL080 series. Notes: 1. Since these products are high input impedance operational amplifiers, contamination may cause the input bias and input offset currents to increase if they are handled with bare hands. Avoid contamination when handling these devices. 2. Since these products provide a high slew rate, oscillation may occur due to load capacitances. (CL < 100 pF: voltage follower mode) HA17080 Series Ordering Information Type No. Item Number of operational amplifiers (number of channels) Offset adjustment pin Phase compensation type HA17080 Single Yes External HA17082 Dual No Internal HA17083 Dual Yes Internal HA17084 Quad No Int [ ... ]

HA17082 PDF File

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