HA16108FP – PWM Switching Regulator for High-performance Voltage Mode Control

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Part number : HA16108FP

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, PWM Switching Regulator for High-performance Voltage Mode Control.

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Manufacturer : Hitachi Semiconductor

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HA16108FP Datasheet PDF

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HA16107P/FP, HA16108P/FP PWM Switching Regulator for High-performance Voltage Mode Control


The IC products in this series are primary control switching regulator control IC’s appropriate for obtaining stabilized DC voltages from commercial AC power. These IC’s can directly drive power MOS FET’s, they have a timer function built in to the secondary overcurrent protection, and they can perform intermittent operation or delayed latched shutdown as protection operations in unusual conditions. They can be used to implement switching power supplies with a high level of safety due to the wide range of built-in functionality. Functions • • • • • • • • • • 6.45 V reference voltage Triangle wave generator Error amplifier Under voltage lockout protector PWM comparator Pulse-by-pulse current limitting Timer-latch current limitting (HA16107) ON/OFF timer function (HA16108) Soft start and quick shutdown Output circuit for power MOS FET driving HA16107P/FP, HA16108P/FP


• • • • • • • • Operating frequencies up to a high 600 kHz Built-in pre-driver circuit for driving power MOS FET Built-in timer latch over-current protection function (HA16107) The OCL enables intermittent operation by an ON/OFF timer for prevention of secondary overcurrent. (HA16108) The UVL function (under voltage lockout) is applied to both Vin and Vref. ON/OFF reset: an auto-reset function which is based on the time constant of an external capacitor and observation of drops in Vin. Since the over-voltage protection function OVP (the TL pin) only observes voltage drops in Vin, it is possible to use the OVP and ON/OFF pin for independent purposes. Built-in 34 V Zener diode between Vin and ground. Ordering Information Typical Threshold Voltage Product HA16107P HA16107FP HA16108P HA16108FP UVL1 Hi: 16.2 V Lo: 9.5 V Hi: 16.2 V Lo: 9.5 V Hi: 7.0 V Lo: 1.3 V On-off timer protection (intermittent operation possible) OVP 7.0 V Notes Timer latch protection [ … ]

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Regulator HA16108FP - - Hitachi


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