H5007 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : H5007

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, LAN DISCRETE TRANSFORMER MODULES.

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Manufacturer : PULSE

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H5007 Datasheet PDF

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LAN Discrete Transformer Modules LAN DISCRETE TRANSFORMER MODULES Pulse Discrete Transformer Modules Pulse offers the most comprehensive line of discrete LAN transformer modules available to the OEM worldwide. Modules for 10/100/1000BASE-T are optimized for all major LAN transceivers. All modules provide electrical circuit isolation that meets IEEE 802.3, while maintaining signal integrity needed for the most demanding applications. Pulse manufactures the broadest selection of packaging options, from through hole (THT) SIL devices to the smallest available surface mount (SMT) solution at .078″ (1.98 mm). For RoHS compliant products, please refer to individual data sheets for details. NOTE: This catalog section serves as an overview to the LAN discrete modules. For detailed data sheets and a complete list of LAN discrete modules, please go to the Pulse website home page and click the link on the left that says “DATA SHEETS.” For the reader’s convenience and to locate multiple platforms easily, view the IC Cross References that start on page 29. DISCRETE SMT TRANSFORMER MODULES Number of Ports Data Rate Single 10Base-T E103 (low profile) E112 (ext. temp.) E115 (1:1 TR) 10/100TX H303 (1:1 TR) H304 (low profile) H314 (var. TR) H315 (2:1 TR) H325 (var. TR) H326 (var. TR) H327 (PoE) H328 (1:1 TR) H342 (1:1 TR) H600 (1:1 TR) Gigabit HC500 (1:1 TR) H504 (low profile) H544 (1:1 TR) H546 (small footprint) H601 (PoE) H551 (quad / dual) 10/100TX H322 (1:1 TR) H327 (PoE) H600 (1:1 TR) Dual Gigabit HC500 (1:1 TR) H601 (PoE) H551 (quad / dual) Quad 10Base-T EC101 (var. TR) 10/100TX H313 (1.41:1 TR) H316 (1:1 TR) H321 (2:1 TR) H327 (PoE) H328 (1:1 TR) H600 (1:1 TR) Data Sheet Number EC100 (SMT, THT) For common mode chokes, see data sheet number G002 at http://www.pulseeng.com/products/datasheets/G002.pdf. G003.U (2/07) www.pulseeng.com 27 LAN Filtered Connectors LAN FILTERED CONNECTORS PulseJack TM Filtered Connectors Pulse offers a broad sel [ … ]

H5007 PDF File

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