GSL1680 – Capacitive Touchscreen Controller

GSL1680 Information is available here.

Part Number : GSL1680

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, Capacitive Touchscreen Controller.

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Manufacturer : Silead

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GSL1680 data sheet

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GSL1680, 1688 Capacitive Touchscreen Controller


 Highlight o Outstanding anti RF, LCD and power supply interference o Perfect soft-touch feeling o Auto tuning and auto calibration  Number of Channels o Up to 16×10 o Detect up to 10 fingers o Scan order programmable  Zero Additional part Count o Power bypass capacitor only  Signal Processing o Advanced anti-interference signal processing using both hardware engine and firmware o Self-Calibration o Water and face suppression o Down and up scaling support to match LCD resolution o Support axis flipping and axis switch over for portrait and landscape modes  Scan Speed o Maximum single touch up to 200Hz o Configurable to allow power/speed optimization  Response times o Initial latency < 10ms for first touch from idle  Sensors o Support single layer ITO true multi-touch mutual capacitive sensor o Support non-MoAlMo sensor o Support OGS ( one glass sensor) o Works with PET or glass sensors, including curved profiles o Works with single or dual ITO layer o Works with all proprietary sensor patterns on the markets o Works with passive stylus  Panel Thickness o Glass up to 2.5mm, screen size dependent o Plastic up to 1.2mm, screen size dependent  Interface o I2C compatible slave mode 400KHz. o Interrupt to Host  Power o Single Power supply, 2.6v~3.3v 1 Silead Inc. Capacitive Touchscreen Controller GSL1680, 1688 Capacitive Touchscreen Controller o I/O Interface 1.8v /3.3 compatible  Power consumption o Active: <9mA, subject to configuration o Green: <3mA, subject to configuration o Sleep: <30uA  Package o 40-pin QFN, 5x5 mm 2 Silead Inc. Capacitive Touchscreen Controller GSL1680, 1688 Capacitive Touchscreen Controller Contents


1 1. Pinout and Schematic [ … ]

GSL1680 PDF File

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