G5562A – Bias Power Supply ( DC-DC converter )

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Marking number : G5562A

Order Number : G5562AR11U

Functions : Bias Power Supply with High-Speed Amplifier and High-Accuracy LDO

Package information : 48-pin TQFN pin

Manufacturer : Global Mixed-mode Technology

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G5562A datasheet


The G5562A DC-DC converter provides regulated voltages required by thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD) panels in TQFN package. One step-up converter, one step-down converter, and two charge pumps convert the 8V to 14V input voltage into four output voltages. These features complete the powersupply requirements of large screen LCD panels. The step-up converter provides source voltages VS and the step-down converter provides logic voltage for the system. The dual charge pumps independently generate adjustable regulated output voltages VGL and VGH to bias the LCD. These four blocks operate with a fixed switching frequency of 500kHz or 750kHz. Both step-up and step-down converters operate in asynchronous switch mode. Current mode control provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. Fault protection include [ … ]

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Global Mixed-mode Technology G5562A Bias Power Supply with High-Speed Amplifier and High-Accuracy LDO for LCD TVs


„ 8V to 14V Input Voltage Range „ 500kHz/750kHz Fixed Switching Frequency „ VS Step-Up Converter ‹ Current Mode ‹ 1% Feedback Accuracy ‹ Output Voltage Range up to 20V ‹ 3A Switch Current ‹ Adjustable Soft Start ‹ Adjustable Current Limit „ VLOGIC Step-Down Converter ‹ Current Mode ‹ 1% Feedback Accuracy ‹ 2.5A Switch Current ‹ 2.5ms Internal Soft Start „ 150mA Negative Charge Pump Driver for VGL „ 150mA Positive Charge Pump Driver for VGH „ Integrated High Voltage Switch for Gate Voltage Shaping „ High Voltage LDO for VREF ‹ 0.5% Feedback Accuracy ‹ 0.5V Dropout at 60mA Output Current „ High-Speed Operational Amplifier ‹ 20MHz -3dB Bandwidth ‹ 45 V/µs Slew Rate ‹ ±200-mA Short-Circuit Current „ Gate Drive Signal to Drive External MOSFET „ XAO Comparator „ Thermal Shutdown „ Available in 7mmx7mm 48-pin TQFN Package Applications „ LCD TV Panels Ordering Information ORDER NUMBER G5562AR11U Note: R1: TQFN7X7-48 1: Bonding Code U: Tape & Reel

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G5562A schematic


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