FZL4146 – Quad Driver Incl. Short-Circuit Signaling

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Part number : FZL4146

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Quad Driver Incl. Short-Circuit Signaling.

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Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group

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FZL4146 Datasheet PDF

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Quad Driver Incl. Short-Circuit Signaling FZL 4146 Bipolar IC


q q q Short-circuit signaling Four driver circuits for driving power transistors Turn-ON threshold setting from 1.5 to 7 V P-DSO-20-7 Type FZL 4146 G General


Ordering Code Q67000-H8743 Package P-DSO-20-7 (SMD) The IC comprises four driver circuits capable of driving power transistors (PNP or PMOS). The output transistors are protected against short-circuit to ground and supply voltage. The turn-ON threshold can be set from 1.5 V to 7 V. Overload at one or several outputs will be indicated at pin SQ (signaling output). The corresponding power transistors are then protected by changeover to clock-governed operation. Circuit


Each driver circuit has one active high driver input Dl and a common enable input ENA (active high) is provided for all stages. The Q output is designed to drive the output transistors. The load current is sampled and, if necessary, limited via pin W. If the load current exceeds the preset value, the output stage switches off. Switching-ON again is provided by the built-in clock generator T. Its operation requires an external capacitor Ce at pin CE. If Ce is bridged by a break-key, switching-ON can only be carried out by operating this key. The duty cycle of the clock generator is 1:47 (e.g. 45 µs/2.1 ms with Ce = 10 nF). The clock generator is privileged versus the current sensor shut down. When the supply is connected, the internal RS-FF goes into the state corresponding to the released output. Semiconductor Group 1 03.96 FZL 4146 The turn-ON threshold at input Dl and ENA can be set via pin TS from 1.5 to 7 V. VTS = 0 V 1.5 V VTS = 1.5 V 7 V VTS = VS Turn-ON threshold = 1.5 V Turn-ON threshold = VTS Turn-ON threshold = 7 V Inputs Dl, ENA and W are proof against line break, i.e. an open input at Dl or ENA corresponds to input L, open input W corresponds to overcurrent. If input TS is open, the highest turn-ON threshold is provide [ … ]

FZL4146 PDF File

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