FA5542 – Switching Power Supply Control IC Application Note

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Part number : FA5542

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Switching Power Supply Control IC Application Note.

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Manufacturer : Fuji

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FA5542 Datasheet PDF

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FA5540/5541/5542 Fuji Switching Power Supply Control IC FA5540/5541/5542 Application Note Rev.0 July-2007 July 2007 Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd. 1 http://store.iiic.cc/ Fuji Electric Device Technology FA5540/5541/5542 Caution 1. The contents of this note (Product Specification, Characteristics, Data, Materials, and Structure etc.) were prepared in July 2007. The contents will subject to change without notice due to product specification change or some other reasons. In case of using the products stated in this document, the latest product specification shall be provided and the data shall be checked. 2. The application examples in this note show the typical examples of using Fuji products and this note shall neither assure to enforce the industrial property including some other rights nor grant the license. 3. Fuji Electric Device Technology Co.,Ltd. is always enhancing the product quality and reliability. However, semiconductor products may get out of order in a certain probability. Measures for ensuring safety, such as redundant design, spreading fire protection design, malfunction protection design shall be taken, so that Fuji Electric semiconductor product may not cause physical injury, property damage by fire and social damage as a result. 4. Products described in this note are manufactured and intended to be used in the following electronic devices and electric devices in which ordinary reliability is required: – Computer – OA equipment – Communication equipment (Terminal) – Measuring equipment – Machine tool – Audio Visual equipment – Home appliance – Personal equipment – Industrial robot etc. 5. Customers who are going to use our products in the following high reliable equipments shall contact us surely and obtain our consent in advance. In case when our products are used in the following equipment, suitable measures for keeping safety such as a back-up-system for malfunction of the equipment shall be taken even if Fuji Electric semiconduct [ … ]

FA5542 PDF File

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