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Part number : F12C20CT

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIERS.

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Manufacturer : JU-Topvessel Electronic

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F12C20CT Datasheet PDF

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HS DATA SHEET FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIERS VOLTAGE 200 Volts FEATURES Low Forward Voltage. F12C20CT CURRENT 12.0 Amperes TO-220AB Unit:mm · ·Low Reverse Leakage Current. ·Fast Switching for High Efficiency. ·Low Forward Voltage , High Current Capability. MECHANICAL DATA ·Case: TO-220AB Molded Plastic ·Polarity: Symbols molded or marked on body ·Mounting position : Any In compliance with EU RoHs 2002/95/EC directives MAXIMUM RATINGS AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristic Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Working Peak Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage Maximum RMS Voltage Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current (Surge applied at TJ= 25℃ Ratings at 25℃ambient temperature unless otherwise specified. Symobl VRRM VRWM VR VRMS I(AV) IFSM VF IR TJ TSTG TRR Cp 140 12 100 1.3 5 100 -65to+150 -65to+150 150 55 V A A V uA ℃ ℃ NS PF 200 V F12C20CT Unit Non-Repetitive Peak Surge Current Maximum forward voltage Maximum DC Reverse Current at Rated DC Blocking Voltage Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Reverse Recovery Time IF=6A rate load conditions halfware, single phase, 60Hz) @TC=25℃ @TC=125℃ ( IF = 0.5 A, IR=1.0A , Irr=0.25 A ) Typical Junction Capacitance (Reverse Voltage of 4 volts & f=1 MHz) 深 圳 市 九 鼎 安 电 子 有 限 公司 Shenzhen JU-Topvessel Electronic co.,LTD PAGE .1 HS FIG-1 TYPICAL FORWARD CHARACTERISITICS AVERAGE FORWARD RECTIFIED CURRENT (Amp.) AVERAGE FORWARD RECTIFIED CURRENT (Amp.) F12C20CT FIG-3 FORWARD CURRENT DERATING CURVE LEAD TEMPERATURE (¢J ) FORWARD VOLTAGE (Volts) FIG-4TYPICAL JUNCTION CAPACITANCE FIG-2 TYPICAL REVERSE CHARACTERISTICS INSTANTANEOUS REVERSE CURRENT (Amp.) JUNCTION CAPACITANCE (PF) REVERSE VOLTAGE (Volts.) FIG-5PEAK FORWARD SURGE CURRENT PEAK FORWARD SURGE CURRENT (Amp.) PERCENT OF PEAK REVERSE VOLTAGE (¢M ) NUMBER OF CYCLES AT 60 Hz Set time base for 20/50 ns/cm FIG-6 Reverse Recovery Time Characteristic and Test Circuit Diagram 深 圳 市 九 鼎 安 电 [ … ]

F12C20CT PDF File

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