D78F0078 – UPD78F0078

D78F0078 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : D78F0078

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, UPD78F0078.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : NEC

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D78F0078 Datasheet PDF

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User’s Manual µPD780078, 780078Y Subseries 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontrollers µPD780076 µPD780078 µPD78F0078 µPD780076Y µPD780078Y µPD78F0078Y www.DataSheet.net/ Document No. U14260EJ3V1UD00 (3rd edition) Date Published August 2004 N CP(K) 2000, 2003 Printed in Japan Datasheet pdf – http://.co.kr/ [MEMO] www.DataSheet.net/ 2 User’s Manual U14260EJ3V1UD Datasheet pdf – http://.co.kr/ NOTES FOR CMOS DEVICES 1 VOLTAGE APPLICATION WAVEFORM AT INPUT PIN Waveform distortion due to input noise or a reflected wave may cause malfunction. If the input of the CMOS device stays in the area between VIL (MAX) and VIH (MIN) due to noise, etc., the device may malfunction. Take care to prevent chattering noise from entering the device when the input level is fixed, and also in the transition period when the input level passes through the area between VIL (MAX) and VIH (MIN). 2 HANDLING OF UNUSED INPUT PINS Unconnected CMOS device inputs can be cause of malfunction. If an input pin is unconnected, it is possible that an internal input level may be generated due to noise, etc., causing malfunction. CMOS devices behave differently than Bipolar or NMOS devices. Input levels of CMOS devices must be fixed high or low by using pull-up or pull-down circuitry. Each unused pin should be connected to VDD or GND via a resistor if there is a possibility that it will be an output pin. All handling related to unused pins must be judged separately for each device and according to related specifications governing the device. 3 PRECAUTION AGAINST ESD A strong electric field, when exposed to a MOS device, can cause destruction of the gate oxide and ultimately degrade the device operation. Steps must be taken to stop generation of static electricity as much as possible, and quickly dissipate it when it has occurred. Environmental control must be adequate. When it is dry, a humidifier should be used. It is recommended to avoid using insulators that easi [ … ]

D78F0078 PDF File

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