CX099 – ICX099AL

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Part Number : CX099

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, ICX099AL.

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Manufacturer : Sony

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CX099 データシート

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ICX099AL 1/2-inch Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor with Square Pixel for B/W Cameras For the availability of this product, please contact the sales office.


The ICX099AL is a 1/2-inch optical interline CCD solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array and 800K effective pixels. Progressive scan allows all pixels’ signals to be output independently within approximately 1/15 second. Also, the adoption of high-speed mode supports 30 frames per second. This chip features an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time which makes it possible to realize high resolution, full-frame still image without a mechanical shutter. Further, high sensitivity and low dark current are achieved through the adoption of HAD (Hole-Accumulation Diode) sensors. This chip is suitable for applications such as high resolution cameras for FA, etc.


• Progressive scan allows individual readout of the image signals from all pixels. • High horizontal and vertical resolution still image without a mechanical shutter. • Supports 30 frames per second mode • Square pixel • Horizontal drive frequency: 14.31818MHz • No voltage adjustments (reset gate and substrate bias are not adjusted.) • High resolution, high sensitivity, low dark current • Continuous variable-speed shutter • Low smear • Excellent antiblooming characteristics Device Structure • Interline CCD image sensor • Optical size: • Number of effective pixels: • Total number of pixels: • Chip size: • Unit cell size: • Optical black: • Number of dummy bits: • Substrate material: 20 pin DIP (Cer-DIP) Pin 1 2 V 7 3 Pin 11 H 40 Optical black position (Top View) 1/2-inch format 1034 (H) × 779 (V) approx. 800K pixels 1077 (H) × 788 (V) approx. 850K pixels 7.60mm (H) × 6.20mm (V) 6.25µm (H) × 6.25µm (V) Horizontal (H) direction: Front 3 pixels, rear 40 pixels Vertical (V) direction: Front 7 pixels, rear 2 pixels Horizontal 29 Vertical 1 Silicon Sony [ … ]

CX099 PDF File

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