CMP3205 – N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs

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Part number : CMP3205

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs.

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Manufacturer : Cmos

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CMP3205 Datasheet PDF

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CMP3205 N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs General


Product Summery TheCMP3205 is a N-channel Power MOSFET. It has specifically been designed to minimize input capacitance and gate charge. The device is therefore suitable in advanced high-efficiency switching applications.


Advanced Process Technology Ultra Low On-Resistance Dynamic dv/dt Rating 175°C Operating Temperature Fast Switching Fully Avalanche Rated Lead-Free Absolute Maximum Ratings BVDSS 60V RDSON 8.0m ID 100A Applications LED POWER CONTROLLER DC-DC & DC-AC CONVERTERS HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SPEED SWITCHING SOLENOID AND RELAY DRIVERS MOTOR CONTROL, AUDIO AMPLIFIERS TO220 Pin Configuration G DS TO-220 (CMP3205) Symbol VDS VGS ID@TC=25 ID@TC=100 IDM EAS IAS PD@TC=25 TSTG TJ Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Sou ce Voltage Continuous Drain Current1 Continuous Drain Current1 Pulsed Drain Current2 Single Pulse Avalanche Energy3 Avalanche Current Total Power Dissipation Storage Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Range Rating 60 20 100 68 300 600 62 190 -55 to 175 -55 to 175 Units V V A A A mJ A W Thermal Data Symbol R JA R JC Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient1 Thermal Resistance Junction-case Typ. —– Max. 62.5 0.79 Unit /W /W 1 CMP3205 N-Ch 60V Fast Switching MOSFETs Electrical Characteristics (TJ=25 , unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter BVDSS Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage BVDSS TJ BVDSS Temperature Coefficient RDS(ON) Static Drain-Source On-Resistance2 VGS(th) Gate Threshold Voltage IDSS Drain-Source Leakage Current IGSS gfs Rg Qg Qgs Qgd Td(on) Tr Td(off) Tf Ciss Coss Crss Gate-Source Leakage Current Forward Transconductance Gate Resistance Total Gate Charge Gate-Source Charge Gate-Drain Charge Turn-On Delay Time Rise Time Turn-Off Delay Time Fall Time Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Conditions Min. VGS=0V , ID=250uA Reference to 25 , ID=1mA 60 — VGS=10V , ID=62A — VGS=VDS , ID =250uA 2 [ … ]

CMP3205 PDF File

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