CMA51-S-DC12V – Relay

Part number : CMA51-S-DC12V

Functions : Relay, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : HKE

Image :

CMA51-S-DC12V Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :



Compact microminiature general purpose automotive relay Dimension: 15.6×12.2×13.7(mm) High inrush capability: 60A Contains no lead and features cadmium-free contacts ensuring environment-friendly use Applications: car alarm, power window, central locking system, seat adjustment control, etc CMA51 H S DC12V A Model Coil Sensitivity Enclosure H – High Sensitivety (600mW) Blank-Standard (800mW) S – Plastic Sealed Type Coil Voltage DC6V, DC9V, DC10V, DC12V, DC24V Contact Form A – 1 Form A B – 1 Form B C – 1 Form C SPECIFICATION CONTACT DATA GENERAL DATA Contact Form Contact Material Contact Rating 1 Form A, 1 Form B, 1 Form C Ag Alloy A: 20A14VDC Resistive B, C: 15A14VDC Resistive Contact Resistance Max. 50mΩ (6VDC 1A) Max. Switching Voltage 16VDC Max. Continuous Current Load Max. Switching Current 35A/10min.25A/1 Hr 35A Max.Inrush Current 60A Electrical Life Mechanical 100,000 operations 10,000,000 operations COIL DATA Nominal Coil Power 600mW,800mW Insulation Resistance Min. 100MΩ 500VDC Dielectric Between open contacts Strength Between coil and contacts 500VAC, 1min 500VAC, 1min Operate Time Max. 10ms Release Time Max. 10ms Operating Temperature -40℃ to +85℃ Humidity Shock Endurance Resistance Misoperation 35~95%RH,+40℃ 1,000m/s2 100m/s2 Vibration Endurance 10~55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude Resistance Misoperation 10~55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude Weight Approximately 6.0g Note:Data shown are of initial value ISO9001、ISO/TS16949、ISO14001 Approved CMA51-315 CMA51 AUTOMOTIVE RELAY COIL DATA Model CMA51H-S-DC6V CMA51H-S-DC9V CMA51H-S-DC10V CMA51H-S-DC12V CMA51H-S-DC24V CMA51-S-DC6V CMA51-S-DC9V CMA51-S-DC10V CMA51-S-DC12V CMA51-S-DC24V Ambient Temperature: 23℃ Nominal Voltage VDC 6 9 10 12 24 6 9 10 12 24 Coil Resistance Ω+/-10% 60 135 167 240 960 45 100 125 180 720 Operate Voltage Release Voltage ≤VDC ≥VDC 3.6 0.6 5.4 0.9 6.0 1.0 7.2 1 [ … ]

CMA51-S-DC12V PDF File

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