CM6206 – USB Audio I/O Controller

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Part number : CM6206

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, USB Audio I/O Controller.

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CM6206 Datasheet PDF

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CM6206 High Integrated USB Audio I/O Controller DESCRIPTION CM6206 is a highly integrated single chip USB audio solution. All essential analog modules are embedded in CM6206, including 8CH DAC and earphone buffer, 2CH ADC, microphone gain, PLL, regulator, and USB transceiver. It is very suitable for high end USB external audio box, USB multi-channel headphone or USB audio interface multi-channel speaker set application. Many features are programmable with external EEPROM and MCU interface. In addition, MCU/EEPROM/GPIO control can easily via HID software interface. Better yet, CM6206 support stereo MIC, phone jack sense, S/PDIF I/O 48 KHz sampling rate. Moreover, unique patent driver can support world‟s first SPEAKER SHIFTER, Karaoke and Dolby AC-3 real-time encoder functions. FEATURES              USB spec. 2.0 full speed compliant USB audio device class spec. 1.0 and USB HID class spec. 1.1 compliant IEC60958 spec. compliant (consumer format S/PDIF input and output with loop-back support) SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) compliant Dolby® digital audio streaming via S/PDIF output interface USB remote wake-up support 8 channel DAC output with 16 bit resolution 3.1 Vpp (1.1 Vrms) biased at 2.25V output swing Volume control and mute function Earphone buffer Self power / Bus power selectable (by EEPROM) 2X interpolator for digital playback data to improve quality 2 channel ADC input with 16 bit resolution BLOCK DIAGRAM Copyright © C-Media Electronics Inc. Rev. 2.1 ︱ Page 1/37 Datasheet pdf – http:/// CM6206 High Integrated USB Audio I/O Controller TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 2 3


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CM6206 PDF File

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