CM119A – High Integration/Low Cost USB Audio Controller

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Part number : CM119A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Integration/Low Cost USB Audio Controller.

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Manufacturer : C-MEDIA

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CM119A Datasheet PDF

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CM119A High Integration/Low Cost USB Audio Controller DESCRIPTION CM119A is a highly integrated single chip USB audio controller specifically for VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) application. All essential analog modules are embedded in CM119A, including dual DAC and earphone driver, ADC, microphone booster, PLL, regulator, and USB transceiver. It’s also support 8GPIO pins and buzzer output pin for VoIP application. In addition, audio adjustment can be easily controlled via specific HID compliant volume control pins. Many features are programmable with jumper pins or external EEPROM. Vender can customize unique USB VID / PID / Product_String / Manufacture_String to EEPROM for VoIP software authentication. Moreover, individual unique phone number for each device is possible via serial number stored in external EEPROM. FEATURES   Compliant with USB 2.0 Full Speed Operation Compliant with USB Audio Device class specification v1.0  Supports USB Suspend/Resume Mode and remote Wakeup with Volume Control pins  Single 12MHz Crystal input with on-chip PLL and embedded USB transceiver  Jumper Pin for Speaker Mode (Playback Only) or Headset Mode (Playback + Recording)  For Headset Mode, USB audio function topology has 2 Input Terminals, 2 Output Terminals, 1 Mixer Unit, 1 Selector Unit, and 3 Feature Units  Jumper Pin for Operation System Mixer Unit Enable/Disable under Headset Mode BLOCK DIAGRAM VOLUP VOLDN MUTER LEDO MCU MUTEP LEDR I/F GPIO BUZZ SPDIFO REGV PWRSEL MODE PDSW SEL pins Vref ROM 3.3V CS SK DW DR USB control processing + Vref Vref Vref + + EEPROM interface Vref USBDP USBDM USB TRX 12. 288/11. 2896 MHz with adjustment 300 x 16 SRAM 0 ~ -45dB 38 steps sync by voltage linear VPL_ CLK 48 MHz 12 MHz PLL1 PLL2 + 22.5~ – 0 dB 16 steps PLL3 VREF (2.25V) bandgap 4.5 V ( drive typ4mA) TEST +22. 5 ~ 0 dB 16 steps Copyright © C-Media Electronics Inc. Rev. 2.1 ︱ Page 1/33 – 12.288/ 11. 2896 MHz – XI XO [ … ]

CM119A PDF File

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