CE2766 – 6-Channe Audio DAC

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Part number : CE2766

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 6-Channe Audio DAC.

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Manufacturer : CEI

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CE2766 Datasheet PDF

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Microelectronics DESCRIPTION The CE2766 is a mixed signal CMOS monolithic audio digital to analog converter. It contains six multi-bit sigma delta DAC. The system consists of 128-time interpolation filters, 4th order Σ∆ modulators, switch capacitors and analog reconstruction filters. The one bit Σ∆ converter offers superior differential linearity, with no distortion due to component mis-match. high tolerance to clock jitter. The CE2766 support data conversion from 32K to 192KHz. The chip is operated at 3.3 volt to simplify the power requirement. The CE2766 is ideal for DVD player, AV receiver and set-top box application. The CE2766 support 32, 24, 20 and 16-bit input data. It also support multiple sampling frequency data. Each DAC has its own individual volume control. CE2766 6-Channel Audio DAC, 24-bit, 192kHz FEATURES • Six Channel Audio DAC. – 101 dB SNR (A Weighted). – -86 dB THD + N Ratio (A Weighted). – 32K – 192 KHz. Sampling Rates. – Independent Digital Volume Control. – I2S, Left and Right Justified Digital Input Formats. – On -chip Reconstruction Filters. • 2-wire Serial Control Interface. • Single 3.3 Volt Power Supply. Applications • Digital Surround Sound For Home Theatre • DVD • Car Audio. XCK PLL CE2766 Σ∆ Mod. INTERPOLATION FILTER D/A D/A D/A D/A D/A D/A AR1 AL1 AR2 AL2 AR3 AL3 DIN1 DIN2 DIN3 80 80 77 DIGITAL AUDIO INPUT Σ∆ Mod. Σ∆ Mod. LRCK BCK 77 78 Clock Rate Detect’n Control Interface 15 15 SDA SCL RST VCM CEI Microelectronics Co. Ltd. 1-19 June 25, 2005 CE2766 DAC Performance Item 1 2 3 4 PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Audio Output Level Audio Bandwidth 20Hz – 20 KHz SNR (A-weight) THD + NOISE (A-weight, 0 dB input) Dynamic Range Channel Separation Nonlinear Distortion Channel Gain Error Spec. 1 Vrms +/- 0.1 dB >101 dB < -82 dB 90 dB < -90 dB < 0.25 dB < 0.1 dB 5 6 7 8 All Measurement were taken with only one channel active. 2-19 June 25, 2005 CE2766 X [ ... ]

CE2766 PDF File

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