BM1410A – 2.2A Step-Down Converter

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Part number : BM1410A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 2.2A Step-Down Converter.

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Manufacturer : bookly

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BM1410A Datasheet PDF

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2.2A Step-Down Converter FEATURES  2.2A Output Current BM1410A GENERAL DESCRIPTION The BM1410A is a current-mode step-down DC-DC converter that generates up to 2.2A output current at 380kHz switching frequency. The device utilizes advanced BCD process for operation with input voltage up to +23V consuming only 15µA in shutdown mode, the BM1410A is highly efficient with peak efficiency at 92% when in operation. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and frequency fold back at short circuit. The BM1410A is available in SOP-8 package and requires very few external devices for operation.  Efficiency up to 92% @+5V output  +5V to +23V Input Range 15µA Shutdown Supply Current 380kHz Switching Frequency  Adjustable Output Voltage from 1.23V to 0.85*VIN Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit Protection Thermal Shutdown Protection  Frequency Fold Back at Short Circuit Stability with Wide Range of Capacitors, full pin-pin with ACT4060/ TD1410 / MP1410  SOP-8 Package APPLICATIONS  TFT LCD Monitors Portable DVDs  NET CARD Telecom Power Supplies  DSL and Cable Modems and Routers LCD TV It can replace ACT4060/MP1410 without change external components and PCB layout. In application , if not use the pin7(en) function , can let the pin7 open , can pull-up to Vin with a pull-up resistor, but can not short to Vin dirrectly. +5V to 20V F 1 BS SW SW FB FB 3 5 2.5V/2A 2 7 IN ENABLE EN G Gnd 4 ACT4060 BM1410A CX4060 COMP COMP 6 Figure 1. Typical Application Circuit 1 BM1410A ORDERING INFORMATION PART NUMBER BM1410A TEMPERATURE RANGE -10°C to 85°C PACKAGE SOP-8 PIN CONFIGURATION BS IN SW GND 1 2 8 7 N/C EN Comp FB BM1410A 3 4 6 5 PIN No. 1 PIN NAME BS PIN DESCRIPTION Bootstrap. This pin acts as the positive rail for the high-side switch’s gate driver. Connect a 10nF between this pin and SW. 2 3 4 5 IN SW G FB Input Supply. Bypass this pin to G with a low ESR capacitor. See Input Ca [ … ]

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