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Part number : BK1086

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (BK1086 / BK1088) BROADCAST AM/FM/SW/LW RADIO RECEIVER.

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Manufacturer : BEKEN

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BK1086 Datasheet PDF

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„ Worldwide 64~108 MHz FM band support „ Worldwide 520~1710kHz AM band support „ SW band support(2.3-21.85MHz, BK1088 only) „ LW band support(153-279kHz,BK1088 only) „ Automatic gain control(AGC) „ Automatic frequency control(AFC) „ Digital FM stereo decoder „ Automatic FM stereo/mono blend „ Automatic noise suppression „ 50us/75us de-emphasis „ RDS/RBDS decoder „ 2.4 ~ 5.5 V supply voltage „ Wide range reference clock support „ 32.768KHz crystal oscillator „ 4×4 mm 24-pin QFN package GPIO1 GPIO2 20 GPIO3 19 18 VA 17 GND GND PAD BK1086/88 16 LOUT 15 ROUT 14 GND 13 VD 7 MODE 8 SEN GND NC 23 24 GND FMI RFGND AMI GND NC 1 2 3 4 5 6 22 NC 9 SCLK 21 10 SDIO 11 RCLK 12 VIO QFN 24 Pin Assignments (Top View) Applications „ Table and portable radios „ CD/DVD players „ Modules Functional Block Diagram FM ANT MIXER FM LNA RDS General


The BK1086/88 AM/FM receiver employs a low-IF architecture, mixed signal image rejection and all digital demodulation technology. The station scan of BK1086/88 searches radio stations based on both the channel RSSI estimation and signal quality assessment, increases the number of receivable stations while avoids false stops. BK1086/88 enables FM/AM/SW/LW radio reception with low power, small board space and minimum number of external component. MW ANT RFGND MIXER AM LNA PGA PGA I Q ADC DAC LOUT ROUT DSP ADC DAC AUTO TUNE 32.768KHz 0/90 GPIO SDIO SEN SCLK VIO VDD REG BK1086/88 Rev.1.0 Copyright©2010 by Beken Corporation BK1086/88 Beken Confidential. Information contained herein is covered under non-disclosure agreement (NDA). MCU DPLL APLL CONTROL INTERFACE Free Datasheet http:/// BK1086/88 1 Table of Contents 1 2 Table of Contents.. 2 Functional


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BK1086 PDF File

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