BA3950A – System power supply for CD player equipped audio systems

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Part number : BA3950A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, System power supply for CD player equipped audio systems.

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Manufacturer : Rohm

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BA3950A Datasheet PDF

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Regulator ICs System power supply for CD playerequipped audio systems BA3950A With 13.3V (external transistor required), 12V, 10V, and 5.6V outputs, the BA3950A power supply IC is best suited for CD player-equipped audio systems. FApplications CD player-equipped audio systems F


1) 13.3V (external transistor required), 12V, 10V, and 5.6V outputs are built in (one output for each voltage). 2) Output current limit circuit protects the IC against short-circuiting damage. 3) Thermal protection circuit prevents heat damage to the IC. 4) Compact SIP-M12 package allows a large power dissipation. FAbsolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25_C) FRecommended operating conditions (Ta = 25_C) 199 Regulator ICs FBlock diagram BA3950A FPin descriptions 200 Regulator ICs FInput / output circuits BA3950A 201 Regulator ICs FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C and VCC = 8V) BA3950A 202 Regulator ICs FCircuit operation The MAIN, MOTOR, and µ-COM outputs rise when ST is 1.4V (Typ.). The CDP output rises when MODE is 1.4V (Typ.) and ST is 1.4V (Typ.). BA3950A 203 Regulator ICs FApplication example BA3950A FOperation notes (1) Operating power supply voltage When operating within proper ranges of power supply voltage and ambient temperature, most circuit functions are guaranteed. Although the rated values of electrical characteristics cannot be absolutely guaranteed, characteristic values do not change drastically within the proper ranges. (2) Power dissipation (Pd) Refer to the heat reduction characteristics (Fig. 4) and the rough estimation of IC power dissipation given on a separate page. If power dissipation exceeds the allowable limit, the functionality of IC will be degraded (such as reduction of current capacity by increased chip temperature). Make sure to use the IC within the allowable range of power dissipation with a sufficient margin. (3) Preventing oscillation at each output To stop oscillation of output, make sure to connect a ca [ … ]

BA3950A PDF File

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