APL431L – Low Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator

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Part number : APL431L

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Low Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator.

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Manufacturer : ANPEC

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APL431L Datasheet PDF

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APL431L Low Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator




• Precise Reference Voltage to 1.24V • Guaranteed 0.5%, 1% or 1.5% Reference Voltage Tolerance • Sink Current Capability, 80uA to 100mA • Quick Turn-on • Adjustable Output Voltage, VO = VREF to 20V • Low Operational Cathode Current, 80µA Typical • 0.1Ω Typical Output Impedance • SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, TO-92 and SOT-89 Packages • Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant) Applications • Linear Regulators • Adjustable Power Supply • Switching Power Supply The APL431L is a 3-terminal low voltage adjustable precision reference with specified thermal stability over applicable commercial temperature ranges. Output voltage may be set to any value between VREF (1.24 V) and 20 V with two external resistors (see Figure 2). When used with an photocoupler, the APL431L is an ideal voltage reference in isolated feedback circuits for 3V to 12V switching-mode power supplies. This device has a typical output impedance of 0.1W. Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making the APL431L excellent replacements for zener diodes in many applications, including on-board regulation and adjustable power supplies. Pin Configuration Symbol Anode REF Cathode ANODE 3 12 REF CATHODE NC NC 54 123 REF ANODE CATHODE Functional Diagram Cathode REF Vref 3 CATHODE 2 ANODE 1 REF 123 REF ANODE CATHODE Anode ANPEC reserves the right to make changes to improve reliability or manufacturability without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify before placing orders. Copyright © ANPEC Electronics Corp. Rev. B.10 – Mar., 2008 1 www.anpec.com.tw APL431L Ordering and Marking Information APL431L Assembly Material Handling Code Temperature Range Package Code Elec. Grade Elec. Grade A : 0.5% Reference Voltage Tolerance B : 1% Reference Voltage Tolerance C : 1.5% Reference Voltage Toleranc [ … ]

APL431L PDF File

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