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Part number : AP8022

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER GREEN POWER.

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Manufacturer : AiT Semiconductor

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AP8022 Datasheet PDF

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AiT Semiconductor Inc. www.ait-ic.com OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER GREEN POWER AP8022 DESCRIPTION The AP8022 combines a dedicated current mode PWM controller with a high voltage power MOSFET on the same silicon chip. Typical Power Capability: Type European (195-265 Vac) US (85-265 Vac) SOP8 12W 7W DIP8 20W 12W FEATURES         85v to 265v wide range AC voltage input A 700v MOSFET on the same silicon chip Auto start up with high voltage current source PWM with current mode control 9v to 38v wide range VCC voltage Fixed 60KHz switching frequency Automatic skip cycle mode in low load condition. Over temperature, over current and over voltage protection Auxiliary under voltage lockout with hysteresis Available in SOP8 and DIP8 Package The AP8022 is available in SOP8 and DIP8 package. ORDERING INFORMATION Package Type SOP8 DIP8 M8 P8 Part Number AP8022M8U AP8022M8R AP8022M8VU AP8022M8VR AP8022P8U AP8022P8VU   APPLICATION       Power AC/DC Adapters for Chargers DVD/VCD power supplies Electromagnetic Oven power supplies Air Conditioner power supplies STB power supplies AC/DC LED Driver Applications Typical Application U: Tube Note R: Tape & Reel V: Green Package AiT provides all Pb free products Suffix “ V” means Green Package REV1.0 -NOV2008 Released – -1- / AiT Semiconductor Inc. www.ait-ic.com OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER GREEN POWER AP8022 PIN DESCRIPTION Top View Pin # 1,2 3 Symbol GND COMP Function Top View Sense FET source terminal on primary side and internal control ground. Feedback input defines the peak drain MOSFET current. Positive supply voltage input. Although connected to an auxiliary transformer winding, current is supplied from SW via an internal switch during startup (see 4 VCC Internal Block Diagram section). It is not until VCC reaches them UVLO upper threshold (14.5V) that the internal start-up switch opens and device power is supp [ … ]

AP8022 PDF File

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