AMC7136 – Adjustable Constant Current LED Driver

AMC7136 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : AMC7136

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Adjustable Constant Current LED Driver.

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Manufacturer : ETC

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AMC7136 Datasheet PDF

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AMC7136 Adjustable Constant Current LED Driver AMC7136 General


The AMC7136 is a constant current regulator for driving LEDs with low quiescent current and low dropout voltage. The current is adjustable from 10mA to 400mA with an external resistor. Only one external resistor is required to achieve a constant current LED driver. Soft start, thermal protection and low voltage protection are also provided. A driver pin DR is provided for current and voltage extension. Adding an external NMOS or NPN transistor to this pin can extend current and voltage range.


y Sink current: 10mA to 400mA adjustable with an external resistor y Current and voltage range extendable by adding an external NMOS or NPN transistor y Power supply voltage: 2.7-6V y Low drop out voltage: 100mV@350mA y Low quiescent current: 250uA y Thermal protection y Soft start y Low voltage protection: 2.5V y SOT-89-5 package Ordering Information AMC7136 Applications y Power Led driver Block Diagram VDD EN Low voltage protection Thermal protection bandgap Soft start 50mV 7136 DR LED CS GND Free Datasheet http:/// AMC7136 Pin Configurations LED 5 AMC7136 (SOT-89-5) 1 CS 2 GND 3 VDD DRV 4 Typical Application 2.7-6V VDD 7136 LED CS GND Rext Low voltage Application Hi g h vo l t a ge VDD Z e ne r D i od e 2 .7 – 6 V DR 7 13 6 CS GND R e xt High voltage application Free Datasheet http:/// AMC7136 Absolute Maximum Ratings Type Voltage Symbol Vmax


Maximum voltage on VDD, LED, EN, DR and CS pins Voltage range on LED pin Maximum current on LED pin Maximum Power dissipation for SOT-89-3 package Operation temperature range Storage temperature range ESD voltage for human body model Value 8 Unit V Vmin-max Current Power dissipation Thermal ILEDmax PSOT-89-5 Tmin-max Tstorage ESD VESD -0.3~VDD+0.3 500 0.5 -20~85 -40~165 2000 V mA W o C C o V Electronic Characteristics Parameter Sink current range VDD range CS voltage Sink current [ … ]

AMC7136 PDF File

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