AM28F010A – 1 Megabit (128 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12.0 Volt/ Bulk Erase Flash Memory with Embedded Algorithms

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Part Number : AM28F010A

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, 1 Megabit (128 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12.0 Volt/ Bulk Erase Flash Memory with Embedded Algorithms.

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Manufacturer : Advanced Micro Devices

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AM28F010A データシート

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FINAL Am28F010A 1 Megabit (128 K x 8-Bit) CMOS 12.0 Volt, Bulk Erase Flash Memory with Embedded Algorithms DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS s High performance — Access times as fast as 70 ns s CMOS low power consumption — 30 mA maximum active current — 100 µA maximum standby current — No data retention power consumption s Compatible with JEDEC-standard byte-wide 32-pin EPROM pinouts — 32-pin PDIP — 32-pin PLCC — 32-pin TSOP s 100,000 write/erase cycles minimum s Write and erase voltage 12.0 V ±5% s Latch-up protected to 100 mA from –1 V to VCC +1 V s Embedded Erase Electrical Bulk Chip Erase — 5 seconds typical chip erase, including pre-programming s Embedded Program — 14 µs typical byte program, including time-out — 4 seconds typical chip program s Command register architecture for microprocessor/microcontroller compatible write interface s On-chip address and data latches s Advanced CMOS flash memory technology — Low cost single transistor memory cell s Embedded algorithms for completely self-timed write/erase operations GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Am28F010A is a 1 Megabit Flash memory organized as 128 Kbytes of 8 bits each. AMD’s Flash memories offer the most cost-effective and reliable read/write non-volatile random access memory. The Am28F010A is packaged in 32-pin PDIP, PLCC, and TSOP versions. It is designed to be reprogrammed and erased in-system or in standard EPROM programmers. The Am28F010A is erased when shipped from the factory. The standard Am28F010A offers access times of as fast as 70 ns, allowing high speed microprocessors to operate without wait states. To eliminate bus contention, the device has separate chip enable (CE#) and output enable (OE#) controls. AMD’s Flash memories augment EPROM functionality with in-circuit electrical erasure and programming. The Am28F010A uses a command register to manage this functionality. The command register allows for 100% TTL level control inputs and fixed power supply levels during erase [ … ]

AM28F010A PDF File

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