AK8814 – (AK8813 / AK8814) NTSC/PAL Digital Video Encoder

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Part number : AK8814

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (AK8813 / AK8814) NTSC/PAL Digital Video Encoder.

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Manufacturer : Asahi Kasei Microsystems

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AK8814 Datasheet PDF

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ASAHIKASEI [AK8813/14] AK8813/14 NTSC/PAL Digital Video Encoder GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AK8813/14 is low voltage, low power and small packaged Digital Video Encoder. It is suitable for a STB or Digital TV. It converts ITU-R.BT601/656 standard 8- bit parallel data into analog composite video signal, S-video in NTSC and PAL formats. AK8813/14 supports Copy protection, Closed Captioning and Video Blanking ID(CGMS-A) and WSS. These functions are controlled by high-speed I2C Bus interface. FEATURES • NTSC-M, PAL-B,D,G,H,I,M,N encoding. • Simultaneous composite video signal and S-video signal outputs • ITU-R BT.656 4:2:2 8-bit Parallel Input – EAV Decoding • Master/Slave Operation – Digital Field Sync I/O – Digital Vertical/Horizontal Sync I/O • Y filtering • C filtering • Triple 10-bit DACs • I2C Bus Interface (400kHz) • Closed Caption encoding (NTSC: line 21,284-SMPTE PAL: line 22,335-CCIR) • Macrovision Copy Protection Rev. 7.1 * (only AK8814 ) • VBID, CGMS-A(EIAJ CPR-1024) • WSS • On-chip color bar generator • Low power consumption • 2.8V to 3.3V operation CMOS Monolithic • 48pin LQFP Package / 57pin FBGA Package (*Note) This device is protected by U.S. patent numbers 4,631,603, 4,577,216, and 4,819,098, and other intellectual rights. The use of Macrovision’s copy protection technology in the device must be authorized by Macrovision and is intended for home and other limited pay-per -view use only, unless otherwise authorized in written by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. 2 x over-sampling 4 x over-sampling • Single 27MHz Clock (The polarity could be inverted by SYSINV pin) Rev.00 -1- 2004/Oct ASAHIKASEI [AK8813/14] Block Diagram SELA SCL SDA CLKNV CLK HSYNC VSYNC/PD /RESET VREFOUT VREFIN u-P I/F (I C) & Register 2 Timing Generator Macrovision CGMS-A WSS VREF Generator IREF Sync-Form Generator Luma Filter (x 2 Interpolator) Input Formatter [ … ]

AK8814 PDF File

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