8502A – ISL8502A

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Part number : 8502A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, ISL8502A.

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Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation

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8502A Datasheet PDF

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2A Synchronous Buck Regulator with Integrated MOSFETs ISL8502A The ISL8502A is a synchronous buck controller with internal MOSFETs packaged in a small 4mmx4mm QFN package. The ISL8502A can support a continuous load of 2A and has a very wide input voltage range. With the switching MOSFETs integrated into the IC, the complete regulator footprint can be very small and provide a much more efficient solution than a linear regulator. The ISL8502A is capable of stand-alone operation or it can be used in a master slave combination for multiple outputs that are derived from the same input rail. Multiple slave channels (up to six) can be synchronized. This method minimizes the EMI and beat frequencies effect with multi-channel operation. The switching PWM controller drives two internal N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous-rectified buck converter topology. The synchronous buck converter uses voltage-mode control with fast transient response. The switching regulator provides a maximum static regulation tolerance of ±1% over line, load, and temperature ranges. The output is user-adjustable by means of external resistors down to 0.6V. The output is monitored for undervoltage events. The switching regulator also has overcurrent protection. Thermal shutdown is integrated. The ISL8502A features a bi-directional Enable pin that allows the part to pull the enable pin low during fault detection. PGOOD delay for ISL8502A has been decreased to 1ms typical (at 500kHz switching frequency) compared to 250ms (at 500kHz) for ISL8502.


• Up to 2A Continuous Output Current • Integrated MOSFETs for Small Regulator Footprint • Adjustable Switching Frequency, 500kHz to 1.2MHz • Tight Output Voltage Regulation, ±1% Over-temperature • Wide Input Voltage Range, 5V ±10% or 5.5V to 14V • Wide Output Voltage Range, from 0.6V • Simple Single-Loop Voltage-Mode PWM Control Design • Input Voltage Feed-Forward for Constant Modulator Gain • Fast PWM Converter Transient Response �� [ … ]

8502A PDF File

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