8464A-10L Datasheet – 8Kx8 SRAM – Fujitsu

Part number : 8464A-10L

Functions : 8Kx8 SRAM

Package information : DIP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Fujitsu

ImageĀ :

8464A-10L Datasheet Pinout


The FujitsuĀ 8464A-10L is a 8192-word by 8-bit static random access memory fabricated with a CMOS silicon gate process. The memory utilize asynchronous circuitry and may be maintained in any state for an indefinite period of time. All pins are TTL compatible, and a single 5volts power supply is required.

8464A-10L pinout pdf


1. Orgainzation : 8192 words x 8 bits
2. Fast access time : 100ns max ( 8464A-10 ), 150ns max ( 8464A-15 )
3. Completely static operation : No clock required
4. TTL compatible input / output
5. Low power standby : 11mW max.
6. Data retention : 2.0V min


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