7585-3.3ST – AMC7585

7585-3.3ST Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 7585-3.3ST

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, AMC7585.

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Manufacturer : ADD Microtech

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7585-3.3ST Datasheet PDF

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AMC DOC. #: AMC7585_E (LF) Feb 2005 ® ADD MICROTECH CORP. DESCRIPTION AMC7585 5A LOW DROPOUT REGULATOR FEATURES The AMC7585 is a high performance low dropout regulator rated for 5A output current with fixed 2.5V/3.3V/5.0V and adjustable output. It is designed for use in applications requiring low dropout characteristics over the rated current range. On chip trimming adjusts the reference voltage to 1%. These features are ideal for low voltage microprocessor applications requiring a regulated 2.5V to 3.6V power supply. In addition, the AMC7585 provides the device protections including over current and thermal shutdown. Also, reverse battery protection scheme limits the reverse current when the input voltage falls below the output. Input-Output differential of typical 1.1V at 5A and low quiescent current Output current is excess of 5A Fast transient response Reverse battery protection Short circuit protection Internal thermal overload protection Available in 3L plastic TO-220 and surface mount 3L TO-263/252 packages Pin assignment identical to EZ1585B and LT1585A series. APPLICATIONS PACKAGE PIN OUT 3.VIN 2.VOUT 1.ADJ/GND 3.VIN 2.VOUT 1.ADJ/GND Pentium® Processor Supplies PowerPCTM Supplies Computer Add-On Cards Other Applications Requiring Low Dropout Voltage Over Rated Current. AMC7585-2.5 – 2.5V Fixed AMC7585-3.3 – 3.3V Fixed AMC7585-5.0 – 5.0V Fixed AMC7585-ADJ – Adjustable 3-Pin Plastic TO-220 (Top View) 3-Pin Plastic TO-252 Surface Mount (Top View) 3.VIN 2.VOUT 1.ADJ/GND 3.VIN 2.VOUT 1.ADJ 3-Pin Plastic TO-263 (ST) Surface Mount (Top View) ORDER INFORMATION TO-263 TO-263-3 ST3 3-pin 3-pin AMC7585-ADJST3 3-Pin Plastic TO-263-3 (ST3) Surface Mount (Top View) TA (OC) 0 to 70 0 to 70 0 to 70 0 to 70 T TO-220 3-pin ST SJ 3-pin TO-252 AMC7585-X.XT AMC7585-X.XTF(Lead Free) AMC7585-ADJT AMC7585-X.XST AMC7585-X.XSTF(Lead Free) AMC7585-ADJST AMC7585-X.XSJ AMC7585-X.XSJF(Lead Free) AMC7585-ADJSJ AMC7585-ADJTF(Lead Free) [ … ]

7585-3.3ST PDF File

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