74199 Pinout Datasheet – 8 Bit Shift Register

Part number : 74199, DM74199, SN74199

Functions : 8-Bit Shift Register

Package : 24 Pin DIP type

Manufactures : National Semiconductor, TI


74199 8-bit shift register


The DM54199 / DM74199 / 74199 is an 8-bit shift regsister capable of being operated in three modes.
(1) Parallel-Load, (2) Shift-Right, (3) Inhibit Clock.

Parallel loading is accomplished by applying the eight bits of data and taking the shift/load control input low when the clock input is not inhibited. The data is loaded into the associated flip−flop and appears at the outputs after the positive transition of the clock input. During loading, serial data flow is inhibited.

Shifting is accomplished synchronously when shift/load is high and the clock input is not inhibited. Serial data for this mode is entered at the J−K inputs. See the function table for levels required to enter serial data into the first flip−flop.

Both of the clock inputs are identical in function and my be used interchangeably to serve as clock or clock−inhibit inputs. Holding either high inhibits clocking, but when one is held low, a clock input applied to the other input is passed to the eight flip−flops of the register. The clock−inhibit should be changed to the high level only while the clock input is high.


74199 pinout datasheet pdf


1. Shift Frequency : 35 MHz
2. Power Dissipation : 360 mW

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Truth Table

74199 truth table

74199 Datasheet