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Part number : 74192

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SYNCHRONOUS UP/DOWN DECADE(/BINARY) COUNTER.

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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics

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74192 Datasheet PDF

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M54/M74HC192 M54/M74HC193 HC192 – SYNCHRONOUS UP/DOWN DECADE COUNTER HC193 – SYNCHRONOUS UP/DOWN BINARY COUNTER . . . . . . . . HIGH SPEED fMAX = 54 MHz (TYP.) AT VCC = 5 V LOW POWER DISSIPATION ICC = 4 µA (MAX.) AT TA = 25 °C HIGH NOISE IMMUNITY VNIH = VNIL = 28 % VCC (MIN.) OUTPUT DRIVE CAPABILITY 10 LSTTL LOADS SYMMETRICAL OUTPUT IMPEDANCE |IOH| = IOL = 4 mA (MIN.) BALANCED PROPAGATION DELAYS tPLH = tPHL WIDE OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE VCC (OPR) = 2 V TO 6 V PIN AND FUNCTION COMPATIBLE WITH 54/74LS192-193 B1R (Plastic Package) F1R (Ceramic Package) M1R (Micro Package) C1R (Chip Carrier) DESCRIPTION The M54/74HC192/193 are ahigh speed CMOSSYNCHRONOUS UP/DOWN DECADE COUNTERS fabricated in silicon gate C2MOS technology. They have the same high speed performance of LSTTL combined with true CMOS low power consumption. The counter has two separate clock inputs, an UP COUNT input and a DOWN COUNT input. All outputs of the flip-flop are simultaneously triggered on the low to high transition of either clock while the other input isheld high. The direction of counting is determined by which input is clocked. This counter may be preset by entering the desired data on the DATA A, DATA B, DATA C, and DATA D input. When the LOAD input is taken low the data is loaded independently of either clock input. This feature allows the counters to be used as divide-by-n counters by modifying the count length with the preset inputs. In addition the counter can also be cleared. This is accomplished by inputting a high on the CLEAR input. All 4 internal stages are set to low independently of either COUNT input. Both a BORROW and CARRY output are provided to enable cascading of both up and down counting functions. The BORROW output produces a negative going pulse when the counter underflows and the CARRY outputs a pulse when the counter overflows. The counter can be cascaded by connecting the CARRY and BORROW outputs of one device to the COUNT UP and COUNT DOWN inputs, respectively, o [ … ]

74192 PDF File

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