74150 – Data Selectors/Multiplexers

74150 Information is available here.

Part Number : 74150

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, Data Selectors/Multiplexers.

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Manufacturer : National Semiconductor

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74150 データシート

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54150 DM54150 DM74150 54151A DM54151A DM74151A Data Selectors Multiplexers June 1989 54150 DM54150 DM74150 54151A DM54151A DM74151A Data Selectors Multiplexers General


These data selectors multiplexers contain full on-chip decoding to select the desired data source The 150 selects one-of-sixteen data sources the 151A selects one-of-eight data sources The 150 and 151A have a strobe input which must be at a low logic level to enable these devices A high level at the strobe forces the W output high and the Y output (as applicable) low The 151A features complementary W and Y outputs whereas the 150 has an inverted (W) output only The 151A incorporates address buffers which have symmetrical propagation delay times through the complementary paths This reduces the possibility of transients occurring at the output(s) due to changes made at the select inputs even when the 151A outputs are enabled (i e strobe low)


Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 150 selects one-of-sixteen data lines 151A selects one-of-eight data lines Performs parallel-to-serial conversion Permits multiplexing from N lines to one line Also for use as Boolean function generator Typical average propagation delay time data input to W output 150 11 ns 151A 9 ns Typical power dissipation 150 200 mW 151A 135 mW Alternate Military Aerospace device (54150 54151A) is available Contact a National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributor for specifications Connection Diagrams Dual-In-Line Package Dual-In-Line Package TL F 6546 – 1 TL F 6546 – 2 Order Number 54150DQMB 54150FMQB DM54150J or DM74150N See NS Package Number J24A N24A or W24C Order Number 54151ADMQB 54151AFMQB DM54151AJ DM54151AW or DM74151AN See NS Package Number J16A N16E or W16A C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 6546 RRD-B30M105 Printed in U S A Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note) Note The ‘‘Absolute Maximum Ratings’’ are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed The device should not be [ … ]

74150 PDF File

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