6SE6400-XXXXX-0AAX – Pulse Encoder Evaluation Module

6SE6400-XXXXX-0AAX Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 6SE6400-XXXXX-0AAX

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Pulse Encoder Evaluation Module.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : ETC

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6SE6400-XXXXX-0AAX Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

s Ordering Data for Variant Independent Options The options listed here are suitable for all MICROMASTER 440 Inverters. Options Basic Operator Panel (BOP) Advanced Operator Panel (AOP) PROFIBUS module DeviceNet module Pulse encoder evaluation module RS485/PROFIBUS bus connector Connection set for PC to inverter Connection set for PC to AOP Inverter-door mounting kit for single inverter control AOP-door mounting kit for multiple inverter control (USS) Order No. 6SE6400-0BP00-0AA0 6SE6400-0AP00-0AA0 6SE6400-0AP00-0AA1 (available from mid 2002) 6SE6400-1PB00-0AA0 6SE6400-1DN00-0AA0 6SE6400-0EN00-0AA0 6GK1500-0FC00 6SE6400-1PC00-0AA0 6SE6400-0PA00-0AA0 6SE6400-0PM00-0AA0 6SE6400-0MD00-0AA0 Technical data of the communications modules PROFIBUS module 6SE6400-1PB00-0AA0 DeviceNet module 6SE6400-1DN00-0AA0 Size (height x width x depth) Degree of protection Degree of pollution Mechanical strength • Stationary • Transport Deflection Acceleration Deflection Acceleration Climatic category (during operation) Cooling method Permissible ambient or cooling agent temperature • in operation • during storage and transport Relative humidity (permissible humidity rating) • in operation • during storage and transport Electromagnetic compatibility Emission Interference radiation Supply voltage 161 mm x 73 mm x 46 mm IP 20 2 to IEC 60 664-1 (DIN VDE 0110/T1), no condensation permitted during operation to DIN IEC 60 068-2-6 (if module installed correctly) 0.15 mm in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 58 Hz 19.6 m/s2 in the frequency range of 58 Hz to 500 Hz 3.5 mm in the frequency range of 5 Hz to 9 Hz 9.8 m/s2 in the frequency range of 9 Hz to 500 Hz 3K3 to DIN IEC 60 721-3-3 Natural air cooling –10 °C to +50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F) –25 °C to +70 °C (–13 °F to 158 °F) ˆ 85 % (non-condensing) ˆ 95 % to EN 55 011 (1991) Class A to IEC 60 801-3 and EN 61 000-4-3 6.5 V ± 5 %, max. 300 mA, internal from inverter or 24 V ± 10 %, max. 350 mA, exter [ … ]


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