5252F PDF – Solar LED driver IC (Datasheet)

Part number : 5252F

Functions : Solar LED driver

Package information : TO-94-4Pin

Manufacturers : QX Micro Devices


5252F datasheet

Description :

5252F is an ASIC for solar LED lawn lights. Only a peripheral inductor is required to
realize the step-up power supply, and the maximum drive efficiency can exceed 84%.


1. Operating Voltage: 0.9V~1.5V
2. 3mA~300mA Output current
3. Patented over-discharge protection : shutdown without flicker
4. Integrated light control switch
5. Integrated Schottky Diode
6. Only an external inductor is requierd
7. High Efficiency
8. Low quiescent current: 17uA


5252F datasheet


1. Solar lawn
2. Solar Landscape

5252F Datasheet PDF