51ND12 – FBR51ND12

51ND12 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 51ND12

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, FBR51ND12.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Fujitsu Media Devices

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51ND12 Datasheet PDF

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COMPACT POWER RELAY 1 POLE—25 A (FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS) FBR51, 52 SERIES s FEATURES Compact and lightweight structure (42% of the volume of the FBR160 relay) q High current contact capacity (carrying current: 35 A/10 minutes, 25 A/1 hour) q High resistance to vibration and shock q Improved heat resistance and extended operation range q Two contact gap options (FBR51: 0.3 mm, FBR52: 0.6 mm) q Three types of contact material q s ORDERING INFORMATION [Example] (a) (b) (c) FBR51 (a) N D12 (b) (c) – W (d) ** (e) FBR51 : Standard type (contact gap 0.3 mm) FBR52 : Wider contact gap type (contact gap 0.6 mm) N D06 D09 D10 D12 W W1 WL : Plastic sealed type : 6 VDC : 9 VDC : 10 VDC : 12 VDC : Silver-tin oxide indium : Silver-tin oxide indium (high power type) : Silver-tin oxide indium (1 lamp loads, see applications table) Series Name Enclosure Nominal Voltage (d) Contact Material (e) Custom Designation To be assigned custom specification 1 w w w . D a t a S h e e t 4 FBR51, 52 SERIES U . c o m s SPECIFICATIONS Specifications Item W contact Arrangement 1 form C (SPDT) Silver-tin oxide indium Silver-tin oxide indium (high power type) W1 contact WL contact 1 form A (SPST) Silver-tin oxide indium Material Voltage Drop (Resistance) Rating Contact Maximum Carrying Current Maximum Inrush Current (Reference) Max. Switching Current (Reference) Min. Switching Load*1 (Reference) Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range T i me Value Operate (at nominal voltage) Release (at nominal voltage) Mechanical Life Electrical Maximum 100mV (at 2A 12 VDC) 14 VDC 20 A (motor free load) 14 VDC 25 A (motor free load) 115 Watt lamp at 14 VDC 35 A/10 minutes, 25 A/ 1 hour (25˚ C, 100% rated coil voltage) 60 A 35 A 16 VDC 6 VDC 1 A -40˚ C to +85˚ C (no frost) -40˚ C to +100˚ C (no frost) Maximum 10 ms Maximum 5ms 10 x 106 operations minimum 2 x105 ops. min. 2 x105 ops. min. 14 VDC 20 A 14 VDC 25 A Locked motor Loc [ … ]

51ND12 PDF File

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