4N60F – Surface Mount N-Channel Power MOSFET

4N60F Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 4N60F

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Surface Mount N-Channel Power MOSFET.

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Manufacturer : WEITRON

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4N60F Datasheet PDF

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4N60 Surface Mount N-Channel Power MOSFET P b Lead(Pb)-Free


: The WEITRON 4N60 is a high voltage MOSFET and is designed to have better characteristics, such as fast switching time, low gate charge, low on-state resistance and have a high rugged avalanche characteristics. This power MOSFET is usually used at high speed switching applications in power supplies, PWM motor controls, high efficient DC to DC converters and bridge circuits.


: 2 DRAIN * * RDS(ON) =2.5 Ohms @VGS Ultra low gate charge =10V * Low reverse transfer Capacitance 1 GATE * Fast switching capability * Avalanche energy Specified * Improved dv/dt capability, high ruggedness 3 SOURCE DRAIN CURRENT 4 AMPERES DRAIN SOURCE VOLTAGE 600 VOLTAGE D-PAK3/(TO-251) D-PAK/(TO-252) TO-220 TO-220F Maximum Ratings(T A=25 C Unless Otherwise Specified) Rating Symbol Value Unit Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage VDSS 600 V VGSS ±30 Avalanche Current – (Note 1) Continuous Drain Current @ TC=25˚C @ TC=100˚C Pulsed Drain Current, TP Limited by TJMAX – (Note 1) IAR 4.4 ID 4.0 2.8 A IDM 16 Avalanche Energy, Single Pulsed (Note 2) Avalanche Energy, Repetitive, Limited by TJMAX EAS 276 mJ EAR 10.6 mJ Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt (Note 3) dv/dt 4.5 V/ns Total Power Dissipation 4N60P(T C=25˚C) 4N60F(T C=25˚C) 4N60I/D(TC=25˚C) 4N60P( Derate above25˚C) 4N60F( Derate above25˚C) 4N60I/D( Derate above25˚C) 100 33 77 PD 0.8 W 0.26 0.69 Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range TJ,Tstg -55~+150 ˚C Note: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. WEITRON http:www.weitron.com.tw 1/9 13-Apr-2011 4N60 Electrical Characteristics (TA = 25℃ Unless otherwise noted) Static Characteristic Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage @VGS=0,ID=250μA Gate Threshold Voltage @VDS=VGS,ID=250μA Gate-Source Leakage current Fo [ … ]

4N60F PDF File

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