3DD127D3 PDF – Vceo=400V, Silicon NPN Transistor

Silicon NPN Transistor Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 3DD127D3

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Silicon NPN Transistor.

Package information : TO-251

Manufacturer : Huajing Microelectronics

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3DD127D3 Datasheet PDF

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3DD127 D3 is a silicon NPN power switching transistor. This product uses a planar process, a voltage divider ring terminal structure and a minority carrier lifetime control technology. It integrates an active anti-saturation network and improves the product’s breakdown voltage, switching speed and reliability. [ … ]


3DD127D3 datasheet


1. Low switching loss
2. Low reverse leakage current
3. Good high temperature characteristics
4. Appropriate switching speed
5. High reliability


1. Compact electronic energy-saving lamp
2. Electronic ballast
3. General power switch circuit

3DD127D3 PDF Datasheet File