3TG1001-0BB4 – Power Relays/Miniature Contactors

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Part number : 3TG1001-0BB4

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Power Relays/Miniature Contactors.

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Manufacturer : Siemens

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3TG1001-0BB4 Datasheet PDF

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© Siemens AG 2008 3TG10 Power Relays/Miniature Contactors 4-pole, 4 kW ■ Overview Version The 3TG10 power relays/miniature contactors with 4 main contacts are available with 6.3 mm × 0.8 mm screw terminals or flat connectors. The versions with screw terminals are climate-proof and finger-safe according to EN 61140. The 3TG10 power relays/miniature contactors are small. Their width is 36 mm. ■ Application Because they are hum-free they are suitable for use in household appliances and distribution boards in office and residential areas. They can also be used for applications where there is little space such as air conditioners, heating systems, pumps, and fans, i.e. for simple electrical controls. AC and DC operation EN 60947-4-1 Surge suppression 3 The 3TG10 power relays/miniature contactors have an integrated protective circuit against opening surges. Overload and short-circuit protection The 3UA7 overload relay can be used for overload protection. This applies to mounting onto contactors and to stand-alone installation. Information about short-circuit protection by means of contactors can be found in the Technical specifications. ■ Selection and ordering data Rated data Utilization category AC-1 AC-2 and AC-3 Switching of resistive loads at 55 °C Operational current Ie up to 400 V A Power of threephase loads at 50 Hz and 400 V kW Operational current Ie up to 400 V1) A Main Rated control DT contacts supply voltage Us Screw terminals PU PS* (UNIT, SET, M) Price per PU PG Weight per PU approx. Order No. Power of Version threephase loads at 50 Hz and 400 V kW NO NC V kg With screw terminals, 4-pole For screw and snap-on mounting onto 35 mm standard mounting rail · Hum-free AC operation, 45 … 450 Hz 20 13 8.4 4 4 -24 AC 110 AC 230 AC 24 AC 110 AC 230 AC 24 DC 24 DC } } } } } } } } 3TG10 10-0AC2 3TG10 10-0AG2 3TG10 10-0AL2 3TG10 01-0AC2 3TG10 01-0AG2 3TG10 01-0AL2 3TG10 10-0BB4 3TG10 01-0BB4 Flat connectors Order No. Price per PU 1 1 unit 1 1 unit 1 [ … ]

3TG1001-0BB4 PDF File

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