2SK212 – Silicon N Channel Junction FETs

2SK212 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 2SK212

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Silicon N Channel Junction FETs.

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Manufacturer : Xiao sheng Elctronic

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2SK212 Datasheet PDF

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Silicon N Channel Junction FETs LH03 series of products interconvertible 2SK212 Xiaosheng D Symbol Applications For charge sensor, meter amplifier circuit, rheostat , chopper and gain controller for AGC, electronic switch. FM/VHF tuners in car radios Electrical characteristics (Ta=25℃) SG Packag 1-Drain 2-Source 3-Gate TO-92 or TO-92s Parameter Drain to Source Voltage Gate to Drain ( Source) Voltage Gate to Source Cut-off Voltage Gate to Source Reverse Current Saturation Drain Current Forward transfer admittance Symbl Conditions min typ max unit BVDS IDS= 1uA 20 V VGD(S) IGS= -1uA -20 V VGS(off) VDS=10V IDS=1uA -0.3 -2.5 V IGSS VDS=0VVGS=-10V -1.0 nA IDSS VDS=10V VGS=0V 0.6 12 mA |Yfs| VDS=10V VGS=0V 2.0 mS f=1KC Classifications Marking Rank (LH) Marking Rank IDSS Classification (mA ) R 0.3~0.75 O C 0.6~1.5 Y D 1.2~3.0 GR E 2.5~6.5 BL F 6.0~12 YEAR :2014 Xiao sheng Elctronic &Telechnology CO. ,LTD Tel / Fax : 86-021-54373695 WWW . xiao sheng -sh . Com Email : xiao sheng _sh @126 . com No . 1021 xin zhu Rd . Min hang . Shang hai China [ … ]

2SK212 PDF File

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