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Part number : 2N222A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SWITCHING TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Microsemi

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2N222A Datasheet PDF

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2N222A DIE A Microsemi Company 580 Pleasant St. Watertown, MA 02172 Phone: 617-924-9280 Fax: 617-924-1235 DIE SPECIFICATION SWITCHING TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON FEATURES: n ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE I.A.W. MIL-PRF-19500/255 n AVAILABLE IN WAFER OR CHIP FORM FOR HYBRID APPLICATIONS n GENERAL PURPOSE-HIGH SPEED SWITCHING APPLICATIONS n LOW VCE(sat): .3V @ IC = 150 mAdc PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS Absolute Maximum Ratings: Symbol Vceo Vcbo Vebo Ic Tj, Tstg Parameter Collector-Emitter Voltage Collector-Base Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current- Continuous Operating Junction & Storage Temperature Range Limit 50 75 6.0 800 -65 to +200 Unit Vdc Vdc Vdc mAdc °C Packaging Options: W: Wafer (100% probed) U: Wafer (sample probed) D: Chip (Waffle Pack) B: Chip (Vial) V: Chip (Waffle Pack, 100% visually inspected) X: Other Metallization Options: Standard: Al Top Dash 1: Al Top / Au Backside (No Dash #) / TiPdAg Backside Processing Options: Standard: Capable of JANTXV applications (No Suffix) Suffix C: Commercial Suffix S: Capable of S-Level equivalent applications ORDERING INFORMATION: PART #: 2N2222A_ _ – _ First Suffix Letter: Packaging Option Second Suffix Letter: Processing Option Dash #: Metallization Option Sertech reserves the right to make changes to any product design, specification, or other information at any time without prior notice. Data Sheet, Die, 2N2222A MSW Rev. – 4/15/98 MSC0949.PDF 1 Electrical Characteristics @ Tj = 25 ° C Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Unit OFF CHARACTERISTICS V(BR)CBO V(BR)EBO V(BR)CEO ICES ICBO1 IEBO Breakdown Voltage, Collector to Base Breakdown Voltage, Emitter to Base Breakdown Voltage, Collector to Emitter Collector to Emitter Cutoff Current Collector to Base Cutoff Current Emitter to Base Cutoff Current Bias Cond. D, IC=10uAdc Bias Cond. D, IE=10uAdc Bias Cond. D, IC= 10mAdc, pulsed Bias Cond. D, VCE=50Vdc Bias Cond. D, VCB=60Vdc Bias Cond. D, VEB= 4Vdc 75 6 50 Vdc Vdc Vdc 50 nAdc 10 nAdc 10 nAdc ON CHARACTERISTICS hFE1 [ … ]

2N222A PDF File

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