278R05 – KA278R05

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Part number : 278R05

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, KA278R05.

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Manufacturer : Fairchild

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278R05 Datasheet PDF

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www.fairchildsemi.com KA278R05 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator


• • • • • 2A/5V Output Low Dropout Voltage Regulator TO-220 Full-Mold Package (4Pin) Overcurrent Protection, Thermal Shutdown Overvoltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection With Output Disable Function


The KA278R05 is a low-dropout voltage regulator suitable for various electronic equipments. It provides constant voltage power source with TO-220 4 lead full mold package. The dropout voltage of KA278R05 is below 0.5V in full rated current(2A). This regulator has various functions such as a peak current protection, a thermal shut down, an overvoltage protection and an output disable function. TO-220F-4L 1 1.Vin 2. Vo 3. GND 4. Vdis Internal Block Diagram Q1 Vin 1 2 Vo THERMAL SHUTDOWN OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION BANDGAP REFERENCE + R1 SOA PROTECTION HIGH / LOW Vdis 4 + OUTPUT ON / OFF R2 1.4V SHORT-CIRCUIT SHORTCIRCUIT PROTECTION 3 GND Rev. 1.0.2 ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation KA278R05 Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Input Voltage Disable Voltage Output Current Power Dissipation 1 Power Dissipation 2 Junction Temperature Operating Temperature Thermal Resistance, Junction-to Case (Note2) Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Air (Note2) Thermal Shutdown Temperature Symbol Vin Vdis Io Pd1 Pd2 Tj Topr Rθjc Rθja Ttsd Value 35 35 2.0 1.5 15 150 -20 ~ 80 2.9 48.51 150 Unit V V A W W °C °C °C/W °C/W °C Remark No Heatsink With Heatsink – Electrical Characteristics (Vin=7V, Io=1.0A, Ta=25°C , unless otherwise specified) Parameter Output Voltage Load Regulation Line Regulation Ripple Rejection Ratio Dropout Voltage Disable Voltage High Disable Voltage Low Disable Bias Current High Disable Bias Current Low Quiescent Current Symbol Vo Rload Rline RR Vdrop VdisH VdisL IdisH IdisL Iq 5mA < Io < 2A 6V < Vin < 12V note1 Io = 2A Output Active Output Disabled Vdis = 2.7V Vdis = 0.4V Io = 0A Conditions Min. 4.88 45 2.0 T [ ... ]

278R05 PDF File

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