25PE20VP Datasheet – 2Mb Serial Flash Memory

Part number : 25PE20VP, M25PE20-VMN6P

Functions : 2 Mbit, Low Voltage, Page-Erasable Serial Flash Memory

Package information :  SOP 8 Pin, VFQFPN8 Type

Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics, Micron Technology


25PE20VP Flash Memory


The M25PE20 and M25PE10 are 2 Mbit (256K x 8 bit) and 1 Mbit (128K x8 bit) Serial Paged Flash Memories, respectively. They are accessed by a high speed SPI-compatible bus. The memories can be written or programmed 1 to 256 Bytes at a time, using the Page Write or Page Program instruction. The Page Write instruction consists of an integrated Page Erase cycle followed by a Page Program cycle. The M25PE20 memory is organized as 4 sectors, each containing 256 pages. Each page is 256
Bytes wide. Thus, the whole memory can be viewed as consisting of 1024 pages, or 262,144 Bytes.


25PE20VP pinout datasheet

1. C Serial Clock
2. D Serial Data Input
3. Q Serial Data Output
4. S Chip Select
5. TSL Top Sector Lock
6. Reset Reset
7. VCC Supply Voltage
8. VSS Ground


1. Industrial Standard SPI Pin-out
2. 1 or 2 Mbit of Page-Erasable Flash Memory
3. Page Write (up to 256 Bytes) in 11ms (typical)
4. Page Program (up to 256 Bytes) in 1.2ms (typical)
5. Page Erase (256 Bytes) in 10ms (typical)
6. Sector Erase (512 Kbit)
7. 2.7 to 3.6V Single Supply Voltage
8. SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface
9. 33MHz Clock Rate (maximum)
10. Deep Power-down Mode 1µA (typical)

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