22N055 – 55V, N-Ch, MOSFET (Transistor)

This is a kind of transistor, 22N055 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 22N055


Package information : TO-251, TO-252 Package

Manufacturer : Renesas

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DATA SHEET MOS FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR NP22N055HHE, NP22N055IHE, NP22N055SHE SWITCHING N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET DESCRIPTION These products are N-channel MOS Field Effect Transistors designed for high current switching applications.


• Channel temperature 175 degree rated

• Super low on-state resistance RDS(on)1 = 39 mΩ MAX. (VGS = 10 V, ID = 11 A)

• Low Ciss : Ciss = 590 pF TYP.

• Built-in gate protection diode ORDERING INFORMATION PART NUMBER PACKAGE NP22N055HHE NP22N055IHE Note

TO-251 (JEITA) / MP-3 TO-252 (JEITA) / MP-3Z NP22N055SHE TO-252 (JEDEC) / MP-3ZK Note Not for new design. (TO-251)

ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA = 25°C) Drain to Source Voltage VDSS 55 Gate to Source Voltage VGSS ±20 Drain Current (DC) Drain Current (Pulse) Note1 ID(DC) ID(pulse) ±22 ±55 Total Power Dissipation (TA = 25°C) PT 1.2 Total Power Dissipation (TC = 25°C) Single Avalanche Current Note2 Single Avalanche Energy Note2 PT IAS EAS 45 13 / 5 16 / 25 Channel Temperature Tch 175 Storage Temperature Tstg –55 to +175 V V A A W W A mJ °C °C Notes 1. PW ≤ 10 µs, Duty Cycle ≤ 1% 2. Starting Tch = 25°C, RG = 25 Ω , VGS = 20 → 0 V (See Figure 4.) (TO-252) THERMAL RESISTANCE Channel to Case Thermal Resistance Channel to Ambient Thermal Resistance Rth(ch-C) Rth(ch-A) 3.33 °C/W 125 °C/W The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please confirm that this is the latest version. Not all products and/or types are available in every country. Please check with an NEC Electronics sales representative for availability and additional information. Document No. D14135EJ4V0DS00 (4th edition) Date Published July 2005 NS CP(K) Printed in Japan The mark shows major revised points. 1999, 2005

NP22N055HHE, NP22N055IHE, NP22N055SHE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25°C) CHARACTERISTICS SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate Leakage Current Gate to Source Thre [ … ]


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NP22N055HHE , NP22N055IHE , NP22N055SHE

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