2N3055 – NPN Complementary Power Transistor

Part number : 2N3055, 2N3055G

Function : Complementary Silicon Power Transistor

Package information : TO−204AA (TO−3) Type

Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor, MOSPEC, STMicroelectronics


2N3055 NPN Power Transistor

Product Information

The PNP Bipolar Power Transistor is designed for use in high power amplifier and switching amplifier applications. The 2N3055 (NPN) and MJ2955 (PNP)are complementary devices. Complementary silicon power transistors are designed for general−purpose switching and amplifier applications.

2N3055 pinout datasheet


1. DC Current Gain – hFE = 20-70 @ IC = 4 Adc
2. Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage – VCE(sat) = 1.1 Vdc (Max) @ IC = 4 Adc
3. Excellent Safe Operating Area
4. Pb-Free Packages are Available


1. Collector-Emitter Voltage : VCEO = 60 Vdc
2. Collector-Emitter Voltage : VCER = 70 Vdc
3. Collector-Base Voltage : VCB = 100 Vdc
4. Emitter-Base Voltage : VEB = 7 Vdc
5. Collector Current-Continuous : IC = 15 Adc
6. Base Current : IB = 7 Adc
Reference Site : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2N3055

2N3055 Datasheet PDF


TDA2030 Datasheet – 14W HI-FI Audio Amplifier

Part number : TDA2030, TDA2030H

Function : 14 W HI-FI Audio Amplifier

Package :  Pentawatt (horizontal) Type

Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics


TDA2030 Audio Amplifier


The TDA2030 is a monolithic integrated circuit in the Pentawatt® package, intended for use as a low frequency class-AB amplifier. Typically it provides 14 W output power (d = 0.5%) at 14 V/4 Ω. At ±14 V or 28 V, the guaranteed output power is 12 W on a 4 Ω load and 8 W on an 8 Ω (DIN45500).
The TDA2030 provides high output current and has very low harmonic and crossover distortion. Furthermore, the device incorporates an original (and patented) short-circuit protection system comprising an arrangement for automatically limiting the dissipated power so as to keep the operating point of the output transistors within their safe operating range. A conventional thermal shutdown system is also included.


TDA2030 datasheet pinout


1. Wide-range supply voltage, up to 36 V
2. Single or split power supply
3. Short-circuit protection to ground
4. Thermal shutdown

TDA2030 Datasheet