1N4007S Diode Datasheet ( 1000V, 1A )

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Part number : 1N4007S

Functions : This is a kind of diode. 1000V, 1A, General Purpose Rectifier.

Package information : Axial Lead Type  ( DO-35 )

Manufacturer : CDIL, Diotec, Taiwan Semiconductor

Image :

1N4007S Diode



1N4007S is one of a series of commonly used rectifier diodes. This is well known as the 1N400x series. Here “1N” is the standard prefix denoting the diode, and “4007S” refers to the specific model. These diodes are mainly used for rectification. Diodes are designed to allow current to flow in only one direction, and block current flow at reverse voltage.

1. Maximum reverse voltage (V_RRM): The maximum reverse voltage of 1N4007S diode is 1000V. Therefore, these diodes can be used even at relatively high reverse voltages.

2. Average current: 1N4007S rectifier is capable of handling an average current of 1.0A in certain environments.



1. High efficiency, low VF

2. High current capability

3. High reliability

4. High surge current capability

5. Low power loss


Absolute maximum ratings

1N4007S vs 1N4001S

1. Reverse voltage : VR = 1000 Volts

2. Peak reverse voltage : VRM = 1000 Volts

3. Average rectified current : Io = 1A



1N4007 Vs 1N4007S

The 1N4007/1N4007S series diodes are manufactured to give high current / low forward voltage drop capability. 1N4007 has a lead diameter of 0.7 ± 0.05mm and 1N4007S has a lead diameter of 0.6 ± 0.05mm. Some people indicate that it is an SMD type with an S at the end, but this is not the case. Axial type is correct.


1N4007S Diode Datasheet


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