1R5GU41 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 1R5GU41

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, RECTIFIER.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : TAYCHIPST

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1R5GU41 Datasheet PDF

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SWITCHING TYPE POWER SUPPLY APPLICATION FEATURES D Average Forward Current D Reverse Recovery Time D Very Fast Reverse-Recovery Time 1R5GU41 400V 1.5A MAXIMUM RATINGS AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS MAXIMUM RATINGS CHARACTERISTIC SYMBOL RATING UNIT Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Average Forward Current V RRM I F(AV) 400 1.5 V A Peak One Cycle Surge Forward Current(Non-Repetitive) Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range I FSM Tj Tstg 60(50Hz) 66(60Hz) -40~150 -40~150 A °C °C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS CHARACTERISTIC SYMBOL Peak Forward Voltage VFM Repetitive Peak Reverse Current I RRM TEST CONDITION I FM =1.5A VRRM =400V Reverse Recvery Time Forward Recovery Time Thermal Resistance Thermal Resistance t rr I F =1A, di/dt=-30A/us t fr I F =1A R th(j-a) Junction to Ambient R th(j-l) Junction to Lead MIN TYPE MAX UNIT – – 1.2 V – – 50 uA – – 100 ns – – 200 ns – – 68 °C/W – – 30 °C/W E-mail: sales@taychipst.com 1 of 2 Web Site: www.taychipst.com SWITCHING TYPE POWER SUPPLY APPLICATION 1R5GU41 400V 1.5A ATINGS AND CHARACTERISTIC CURVES 1R5GU41 E-mail: sales@taychipst.com 2 of 2 Web Site: www.taychipst.com [ … ]

1R5GU41 PDF File

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