1CZ41H – PQ1CZ41H2Z

1CZ41H Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 1CZ41H

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, PQ1CZ41H2Z.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Sharp Electrionic

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1CZ41H Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

Chopper Regulators PQ1CZ41H2Z PQ1CZ41H2Z TO-220 Type Chopper Regulator, built-in 300kHz oscillation circuit I G


I Outline Dimensions (Unit : mm) 2.5 Maximum switching current: 1.5A G Built-in ON/OFF control function G Built-in soft start function to suppress overshoot of output voltage in power on sequence or ON/OFF control sequence G Built-in oscillation circuit (Oscillation frequency: TYP. 300kHz) G Built-in overheat protection function, overcurrent protection function G SC-63 Surface Mount Type package G Variable output voltage (Output variable range: Vref to 35V/–Vref to –30V) [Possible to select step-down output/inversing output according to external connection circuit] ( ) : Typical dimensions 6.6 5.2 MAX. 2.3 ±0.5 (0.5) 3 Epoxy resin ±0.5 5.5 ±0.5 9.7 MAX. 1CZ41H (1.7) MIN. (0 to 0.25) 0.5 +0.2 – 0.1 4-(1.27) (0.5) I G Applications 1 Color TV,STB G LCD monitors G Facsimiles,plinters and other OA equipment G CD-ROM drives/DVD-ROM drives G Air conditioners 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 VIN VOUT GND (Common to heat sink) Oadj ON/OFF control terminal (VC) I ❇1 Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Parameter VIN Input voltage Vadj Error input voltage VI–O Input-output voltage ISW Switching current VOUT Voltage between output and COM VC ON/OFF control voltage PD Power dissipation Tj Junction temperature Topr Operating temperature Tstg Storage temperature Tsol Soldering temperature (Ta=25°C) Rating Unit 40 7 41 1.5 –1 –0.3 to 40 8 150 –20 to +80 –40 to +150 260 (10s) V V V A V V W ˚C ˚C ˚C ˚C ❇2 ❇3 ❇4 ❇5 ❇1 Voltage between VIN terminal and COM terminal ❇2 Voltage between VOUT terminal and COM terminal ❇3 Voltage between ON/OFF control and COM terminal ❇4 PD : With infinite heat sink. ❇5 Overheat protection may operate at Tj=125˚C to 150˚C •Please refer to the chapter ” Handling Precautions “. Notice In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets,SHARP takes no responsibility for an [ … ]

1CZ41H PDF File

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